2017 Snooker World Open reignited the flames of war-top superstars compete in Yushan


On August 13th, the press conference of the China·Shangrao·Yushan “Sanqingshan” Cup 2017 Snooker World Open hosted by Xingpai was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


Wang Liwei, Director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Barry Hearn, Chairman of World Snooker Co., Ltd., Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the World Snooker Association, Gan Lianfang, Member of the CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau Deputy Director Lin Jun, Member of the Standing Committee of Shangrao Municipal Party Committee Li Ruifeng, Deputy Mayor of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government Zheng Shaowei, Vice Chairman of China Billiards Association, Vice Chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group Gan Liantong, Director of the Third Department of Small Ball Sports Management Center of State Sports General Administration, China Billiards Association Secretary-General Wang Tao, Secretary of Yushan County Party Committee Hu Jianfei, County Mayor of Yushan County People’s Government Xu Shubin, Director of the Sanqingshan Scenic Area Management Committee Wu Hua, General Manager of Shangrao Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., and Zhu Mingshan, Chairman of Yushan County CPPCC , Gan Lianbin, executive vice president of Beijing Xingpai Group, and player representatives and world-renowned star Mark Williams attended the press conference and witnessed the start of this tournament.

Wang Tao, Minister of the Three Departments of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and Secretary-General of the Chinese Billiards Association, introduced the situation of the event.

This event is hosted by the China Billiards Association, World Professional Snooker Association, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, and undertaken by Shangrao Sports Bureau, Yushan County People’s Government, and Beijing Xingpai Weiye Sports Development Co., Ltd. It will be held in September this year. It will be held in Yushan from September 18th to September 24th. The competition still adopts the single elimination system, the total prize money of the competition is as high as 700,000 pounds, and the championship prize is as high as 150,000 pounds. Ding Junhui, Selby, Higgins, Hawkins, Fu Jiajun and other 72 top players in the world will participate in this competition. At that time, mainstream media at home and abroad such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television, China News Service, China Sports News, and Eurosport will follow up and report on the event from multiple angles.

At the press conference, Director Wang Liwei said: “The Snooker World Open has made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese billiards. I believe that Yushan has had the experience of successfully hosting the World Open once, and it will definitely present itself to fans all over the world again. A wonderful visual feast of billiards.” World Professional Snooker Association Chairman Barry Hearn praised this game: “This will be a major event in the world of snooker, and it is undoubtedly a great event for the further promotion and popularization of snooker. A huge boost.”

The    Snooker World Open once again settled in Yushan, which is not only a high affirmation of Yushan’s sports development level, but also full trust in Yushan’s hosting of large-scale sports events. In this regard, Li Ruifeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Shangrao Municipal Party Committee, believes: “Yushan County is striving to build a special sports brand with billiards as the carrier, and hosting the Snooker World Open again this year will further promote the development of the city’s national fitness sports and expand Shangrao’s popularity. The influence will add a lasting and strong impetus to our city’s decisive victory in an all-round well-off and the creation of a beautiful Shangrao.

Yushan has hosted the Snooker World Open for two consecutive years, which will greatly enrich the connotation of its “world famous billiards city” and help it accelerate the realization of the strategic goal of Sports County. As the host of this event, Hu Jianfei, Secretary of the Yushan County Party Committee, is full of confidence. He said: “As long as the event is consistently persisted and the event culture is formed over time, the Yushan Open will definitely become a classic snooker event with global attention, and Yushan will also become a classic snooker event. The best snooker venue in the world and the veritable “China Billiard Capital, World Billiard City”.” This time Yushan has signed a four-year competition cooperation agreement. County Mayor Xu Shubin said: “Ten years to sharpen a sword. The establishment of a brand event takes time to cultivate. We hope that through the World Open, global snooker fans will know Yushan and fall in love with Yushan. In the future, Yushan County will vigorously develop and build China’s billiards capital and the world’s billiards city. This business card promotes urban development, promotes the development of tourism, and promotes the county’s economic and social development and upgrading and green rise.”

Over the years, Xingpai has accumulated rich experience in event operation and management through hosting various international competitions, and has formed a good event operation mechanism. It has created “Snooker Haikou World Open”, “Chinese Billiards World Championship” and many more. An international classic event. Gan Lianfang, Chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, said: “Promoting the development of China’s billiards is the social responsibility of Xingpai. We have been doing things that are conducive to the development of billiards. The past was, the present is, and the future will be.”

The competition has received strong support from the Sanqingshan Scenic Area Management Committee and Shangrao Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. Wu Hua, director of the Sanqingshan Management Committee, said: “We hope to pass the 2017’Sanqingshan Cup’ Snooker World Open. The form of combining with tourism allows more people to understand Sanqing Mountain, walk into Sanqing Mountain, feel Sanqing Mountain, experience Sanqing Mountain, and make Sanqing Mountain our common spiritual home.”




At the press conference, Wang Liwei, director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, and Jason Ferguson, chairman of the World Snooker Association, and Gan Liantong, vice chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association and vice chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, signed a four-year event agreement. ; Chairman Gan Liantong and Yushan County People’s Government Magistrate Xu Shubin signed the Snooker World Open event cooperation agreement; Yushan County CPPCC Chairman Zhu Mingshan and Sanqingshan Scenic Area Management Committee Director Wu Hua signed the event title sponsorship agreement.

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