9-ball China Women’s Team: Pan Xiaoting wins, one seeded player is upset


On July 2, 2015, the “Pudong·Tangcheng” Cup World 9-Ball China Open kicked off in an all-round way. In the women’s group, Pan Xiaoting easily defeated Park Eunzhi 7-2, and only needed one more victory to advance; Chen Siming, Han Yu, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Yuchen, Liu Shasha, Baige, etc. also entered the promotion competition, and only seeded players Amit lost to Zhou Doudou and lost upset.

The women’s team will compete in the first round and the first round of the winning team today. There are 16 players including Pan Xiaoting, Chen Siming, Han Yu, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Yuchen, Jin Jiaying, Kelly Fisher, Wei Ziqian, Chen Heyun, An Jilin, Lin Yuanjun, etc. As a seed player, the first round bye.

But after that, the seeded players showed great strength. Pan Xiaoting won 7-2 in the duel with South Korean beauty Park Eunji, showing a good state. The rest of the seeded players also won the game and entered the promotion battle. After the 16 seeded players, Amit of the Philippines lost alone. Amit lost 3-7 to the former national team player Zhou Doudou and fell into the losing team.

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