Xingpai Shanghai Billiards Club grand opening, six superstars shine in the audience

On September 16, 2012, after three superstars, Jin Jiaying, Fu Xiaofang, and Alison Fisher, the star billiards club, which has been eagerly awaited by countless fans, was finally officially officially launched. Opened. On the opening day, six superstars, Pan Xiaoting, Trump, Liu Shasha, Fu Xiaofang, Li Hewen, and Alison Fisher made their debut. The stars shined on the audience, allowing fans to have close contact with so many superstars at the same time. It was a fantastic night.

The grand opening of the Star Billiards Club is unprecedented. Ms. Wang Tao, Minister of the Second Department of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, and Mr. Li Zongyong, Chairman of the Shanghai Billiards Association, respectively delivered speeches as leaders present, warmly congratulating the grand opening of Xingpai flagship store in Shanghai. Mr. Gan Liantong, Chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., also came to the scene in person and released an ebullient speech, expressing gratitude to all the leaders and guests present. In addition, the most eye-catching is of course the six billiards superstars who arrived on the scene. When the world snooker genius Trumpu came on the field, it aroused the enthusiastic screams of countless female fans; the nine-goal queen Pan Xiaoting, the world women’s nine-ball champion sisters Hua Fu Xiaofang, and Liu Shasha made their beautiful appearance on the field, bringing the fans’ enthusiasm. To the climax; the world snooker, nine-ball legend Alison Fisher, and the world nine-ball champion and the first Chinese billiard player Li Hewen joined forces, showing their domineering and full of aura. The atmosphere of the whole scene was enthusiastic, and the crowds of superstars made the fans who came to the scene hooked.

Shanghai Xingpai Billiards Club is currently the most high-end billiards club in China. There are a total of 38 tables in the club, all of which are currently the top configuration tables for various billiards. The world snooker professional game table, the designated table for the World Nine-Ball Championship, the designated standard table for the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, and the “Longxingtianxia” final table, allowing fans to enjoy the world’s top configuration tables without leaving home fun of. It is believed that with the east wind of such a high-profile opening ceremony and such a strong superstar effect, the Shanghai Star Billiards Club will surely lead the new style of the Shanghai ball room and set off a new wave of billiards.


Minister Wang Tao of the Small Ball Center, Chairman Li Zongyong of the Shanghai Taiwan Association and Chairman Gan Liantong of Xingwei Company attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches respectively


The leaders and the six superstars of Xingpai jointly unveiled the club and the store


Foreign fans who come here especially




The fans on the sidelines are so happy to see so many superstars at once!


Rare scene! In the cheerful scene, Trump and Liu Shasha staged a wonderful collision


Many superstars can’t hide Alison Fisher’s strong aura, and the fancy performance also attracted the attention of a large number of fans.


Being able to play a game with idol Xiaote is definitely an unforgettable experience for this fan in his lifetime.


Pan Xiaoting, the queen of nine-ball, still has the same demeanor since signing the name


The world’s nine-ball champion and the first Chinese billiard player Li Hewen left his hand model and signature on the opening site


Snooker superstar Trump also left a hand model and signature for the club

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