Congratulations to Star Sign Higgins for winning the ET1 Bulgaria Open

The first stop of the 2013 World Snooker European Tour (ET1) Bulgaria Open ended early this morning in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, Beijing time. Higgins, one of the “75 Three Outstanding Players” signed by the star, played well in the semifinals. Lectra World Championship champion O’Sullivan, defeated Australian player Robertson in the final, and finally won the title of the first game of the new season, with a bonus of 25,000 euros and a world ranking of 2,000 points.

Xingpai Company would like to congratulate its signing player John Higgins for his good results, and hope that he will achieve great results in the following competitions in the new season; Xingpai Company will continue to support its signed players to compete in all parts of the world. On the field, he affirmed the efforts made by the star-signed players represented by Higgins. Xingpai will continue to assist outstanding players all over the world to realize their billiard dreams, and at the same time tirelessly promote the development of world billiards.

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