Zhang Xiaotong won the second championship in the Chinese Ranking Tournament: the first championship played by himself

On June 22, Beijing time, after nearly 5 hours of fierce competition in the women’s final of the 2013 CBSA Star Harpu Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Jiangsu Station, Zhang Xiaotong won the second individual championship with 11-9 Lek Cong Jing. After the game, both sides expressed their gratitude to the competition for providing good development space for women players. At the same time, double champion Zhang Xiaotong said that this was her first true champion.


Zhang Xiaotong beat Cong Jing to win the championship

The first women’s team final was held between the 2012 Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station champion Zhang Xiaotong and Shenyang Station champion Cong Jing. It seemed to have twists and turns. After the start, Zhang Xiaotong took the lead to enter the state and quickly achieved a 5-0 lead. After that, Cong Jing struggled to catch up, and the situation on the court became extremely stalemate. In the midfield, Cong Jing chased the score to 7 and both sides returned to the same starting line. Zhang Xiaotong then quickly adjusted his mentality and gained the upper hand in the second half of the game. In the end, he overcame Cong Jing 11-9 and won the Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament for the second time.

Zhang Xiaotong was very excited after the game: “Although he won the Henan station last time, but that time it was sent by the opponent hitting the black ball in the deciding game, and this time I won the championship with my own strength. Last time the finals At the time, my experience and mental preparation were not enough, so I made a lot of mistakes. After the game, I also did a lot of targeted practice. I am very happy to be able to win the second time in the Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. Thank you Chinese Billiards Ranking. The tournament provides a platform for female players to develop their careers.”

Cong Jing, the runner-up of this station, who has six years of experience, seemed to feel the same: “I have been playing for 6 years. Among women players, it is considered that the age is relatively long. There has been no formal women’s Chinese billiards ranking competition. The playing is also intermittent. Since the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament last year, a women’s team has also been set up, which has provided our women players with a broader space for development.”

“In the beginning, I played a little tight, and the opponent’s offense was very lethal, so I came up with a big lag. In the end, although I caught up, there were a few key shots that I did not grasp well, and technically needed to be strengthened.” The performance of this game, Cong Jing said.

At present, the Xingpai National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Jiangsu Station Men’s Team Final is underway. www.xingpaibilliard.com is being broadcast live via web video, so stay tuned.

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