2020 China Billiard Industry Ecological Layout Seminar Ends Xingpai and Jingdian Deepen Cooperation

On the afternoon of December 30th, Beijing time, the 2020 China Billiard Industry Ecological Layout Seminar and Jingdian & “China Sports” zhibo.tv Strategic Cooperation Conference jointly sponsored by Jingdian and “China Sports” zhibo.tv were held in Qinhuangdao.

“China Sports” zhibo.tv, Jingdian, Xingpai, Music Hall, Wild Leopard, Black Key, Diamond Fable and many other billiard companies gathered together to reach 6 major strategic cooperations.


Jingdian and “China Sports” zhibo.tv jointly announced that they will launch a comprehensive strategic cooperation in the field of billiards, make full use of their respective superior resources, pioneeringly break the boundaries between online communication and offline operations of billiards, and lay out a new billiard industry ecological strip , To achieve a win-win situation between content and business, to bring better services to billiard users, and to contribute wisdom to the development of the billiard industry.

The cooperation between Jingdian and Xingpai is one of the important contents of this seminar. Jingdian CEO Wang Jian revealed that the Xingpai-Jingdian joint pool table is expected to be listed in May 2020. Xingpai COO Chen Lei said: “The cooperation between Xingpai and Jingdian is bound to be a win-win situation. Jingdian’s storefronts have great advantages in linkage relations. Jingdian billiard equipment stores in various provinces and cities can to a large extent, Affecting the trend of the local billiards market, the collision of stars and Jingdians will provide a huge impetus for the Chinese billiards industry.”


Xingpai CEO Chen Lei believes that the cooperation between Xingpai and Jingdian can be compared to the “Belt and Road” in the ecological layout of the billiard industry. Xingpai and Jingdian will adhere to open cooperation, harmony and inclusiveness, market operation, and mutual benefit. win. At the same time, in combination with the country’s existing “One Belt, One Road” policy, the cooperation between Xingpai and Jingdian will surely catch up on this express train, so that Xingpai and Jingdian’s overseas market share will continue to grow.

In the future, Xingpai and Jingdian will play a more important role in the ecological layout of the billiards industry. They will further expand cooperation fields through brand cooperation, event operations, sports promotion, etc., improve existing operating models, deepen cooperation content, and create more Multiple sports industry models will jointly create a healthy sports economy and healthy consumption industry chain, and contribute to the realization of the goal of building a sports power and a healthy world.

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