Practicing corporate social responsibility, Xingpai advocates the concept of great love

On September 25, 2012, the Xingwei Hope Primary School in Dahe Township, Hongsipu, Ningxia was completed and used. This is a brand-new primary school donated by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. for the poverty-stricken areas of Ningxia with a capital of more than 400,000 yuan. It is also practiced by Xingwei Company. Another measure of corporate social responsibility.

Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a sports goods manufacturing enterprise that produces billiard tables as its main business. The star billiard table produced by it is well-known internationally and is a well-known brand in the world of billiards. Xingpai pursues the ultimate in the field of billiards, promotes the national brand of Chinese billiards to the world, and has made great contributions to national fitness and China’s sports industry.

Xingpai, who has become a leader in the billiard industry, knows that he is shouldering more and more social responsibilities. The chairman of the company, Mr. Gan Liantong, has set his sights outside the industry while doing a good job in billiards. He has been thinking about how to Enterprises better assume and fulfill their social responsibilities. Mr. Gan believes that as a leading company in the industry, you should not only be limited to doing your own things well, but to make every move you make a benchmark in the industry to drive and influence the participation of most companies in the industry. In this way, the maximum social benefit can be formed, and it is the great love and great goodness.

In 2011, by chance, through the leadership of the China Youth Foundation, Chairman Gan Liantong learned about the Hongsipu Development Zone in Ningxia. It is China’s largest development zone for poverty alleviation and migration from the Yellow River. It mainly relocates to Tongxin, Haiyuan, Wonzhou, and Pengyang. In the 7 counties (districts) of Xiji, Longde, and Jingyuan, the poor households living in the poverty zone have developed 400,000 mu of irrigated land and relocated nearly 200,000 poor people. This is a new area waiting to be promoted. The support of the state alone is obviously far from enough. It needs more assistance from the society. At the same time, Hongsibao District is also a new district with exemplary significance. Its success can bring more experience to China’s poverty alleviation and promote the development of more poverty-stricken areas. Chairman Gan Liantong believes that donating to the Hongsipu Development Zone in Ningxia is of great significance and the social benefits it will bring will be huge. Therefore, President Gan actively made a donation request to the Youth Foundation, and finally decided that Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. would donate a Hope Primary School to the Hongsipu District of Ningxia. In this regard, President Gan said: “The reason why we chose to donate to build Hope Primary School It is because of a century-old plan and education-oriented. If you want to help poor areas change their faces, it is better to teach them to fish than to teach them to fish. Knowledge can change their destiny, so that more poor children can have the opportunity to study and change their destiny. I think it’s more meaningful. In addition, Xingpai is the leader in the billiards industry by donating to build Hope Primary Schools for poor areas. I hope that through this charity of Xingpai, it can drive the billiards industry or peer companies in related industries to pay attention to poverty-stricken areas. Everyone gathers firewood and the flames are high. Everyone will do their part and the world will get better and better.”

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