Xingpai promotes the internationalization of Chinese billiards

During the 2017 3rd Chinese Billiard World Championships, the International Seminar on Chinese Billiard Development was held in Yushan County, Jiangxi Province, where the event was held. Representatives from all parties discussed how to promote the internationalization of Chinese billiards.

The seminar reviewed the origin of Chinese billiards, the development history of Chinese billiards and the achievements of the Chinese billiards World Championships in the past three years. Aiming at the professionalization, marketization and training of reserve talents faced by Chinese billiards, the Deputy Secretary-General of China Billiards Association Liu Chunsheng introduced that in the future, the China Taiwan Association will start from three aspects: building an amateur and youth competition system, increasing the number of professional Chinese billiards, and strengthening international cooperation, so that Chinese billiards can develop continuously and healthily and better serve the national fitness industry.

Gan Jialing, deputy general manager of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., revealed in the keynote speech that the “International Billiard Culture Industry Project” signed by Xingpai Group and Yushan assisted Yushan by building a billiard culture city, a billiard industry park, and a billiard culture e-commerce park. To create “China’s billiards capital, world billiards city”, but also to contribute to the development of China into a world billiards power and power.

Ian Anderson, Chairman of the World Fancy Pool Association, said: “80% of Chinese billiards enthusiasts can play Chinese billiards, but the development of Chinese billiards cannot be limited to China. The World Fancy Pool Association will promote Chinese billiards on a global scale. Let Chinese billiards take root overseas and promote the internationalization of Chinese billiards.”

Miles Pierce, Commercial Director of World Snooker Co., Ltd. said: “Chinese billiards wants to be internationalized. It is far from enough to have standardized playing methods, rules, and corresponding facilities and equipment. A lot of sponsorship is needed to promote this. Sports.”

Paul Porter, a professional billiard player from Canada, has more than 20 years of experience. He put forward some constructive suggestions. For example, when Chinese billiards are promoted overseas, they can attract foreigners to participate in the promotion by stimulating overseas Chinese to play Chinese billiards. Chinese billiards.

Secretary-General of the International Billiards Federation, Chairman of the African Billiards Federation Muhammad Kamoha, Chairman of the Russian Billiards Association Sergei and Chairman of the Mongolian Billiards Association Shainbaya Bield all expressed their cooperation with the Chinese Billiards Association and Xingpai. Hope to promote Chinese billiards. Sergey also brought billiards and billiard books with a history of more than 60 years to the upcoming Yushan Billiards Museum.

Gan Liantong, vice chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association and vice chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group Co., Ltd., said that the current billiard culture has not been highly refined. The establishment of the Yushan billiards cultural industry project is believed to be able to extract the most essence of billiards culture and show it to the world. Promote the development of billiards.

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