Experience the table in a Chinese billiards game, Northeast customers give Xingpai a high praise

On August 6, 2012, the first CBSA “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Shenyang Station Lighthouse Division, continued. The Northeast is an area with extremely strong influence in Chinese billiards, where there are many masters, and the demand for billiard equipment from fans is also very high. As the title sponsor and table supplier of the game, Xingpai tables have won praise from customers for their quality and strong brand power. No, taking advantage of the east wind of the game, many customers came to watch or even compete in person. They also consulted and ordered the star table while seeing the master showdown. The results of the on-site experience inspection made them more affirmed of their confidence in the star products. .

Despite the bad weather, the beacon qualifying game still attracted a large number of players and fans to participate and watch. Some bosses who are interested in opening ball rooms and operating in the billiards industry also took advantage of the opportunity to watch the game and came here to consult and inspect Xingpai’s products by the way. As soon as I came to the lighthouse star billiards club, the beautiful appearance and technologically advanced star table left a good impression on these potential customers. Some owners who plan to book star tables are also billiards fans. Seeing so many masters sign up for the game, they couldn’t help but feel itchy, and they also signed up for the game. By personally playing on the Xingpai Chinese table, the customers have a deeper understanding of the flatness of the Xingpai table, the flexibility of the side library and other intuitive performances. At the same time, through conversations with Liu Hongbo, owner of the Lighthouse Star Billiards Club, I got a better understanding. Based on the reactions of the fans, Boss Liu replaced all tables in the ball room with star cards. When disassembling another brand’s table, the internal large core board material that was seriously inconsistent with the publicity made Boss Liu strengthen his confidence in Xingpai. “Xing brand tables are made of imported hardwood materials, which are more stable and have a long service life!” Boss Liu heard that the other party was planning to buy a pool table, and sincerely introduced his experience to the other party.

According to Mr. Zhou Xinmiao, general manager of Xingpai Northeast District, in just two days of this competition, there were Mr. Li Yong from Dandong and Mr. Jia from Shenyang. Many customers including Mr. Zhang from Anshan came to consult and discuss purchase matters, and several people’s order amount reached more than 800,000. These customers communicated well in advance by telephone. This time, taking advantage of the competition, they came directly to watch the competition and determined their final purchase determination. It can be said that Xingpai sponsored the Chinese-style billiards ranking competition to encourage more customers to know Xingpai and understand Xingpai, so that Xingpai’s brand influence can be improved, and Xingpai tables can enter more ball rooms , Approached the side of billiards lovers.

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