Star player Higgins wins the 2015 Snooker Australian Open Championship

On the evening of July 5th, Beijing time, the 2015 Snooker Australian Open ended in Bendigo. Higgins claimed the king of Australia, with a total score of 9-8 over Gould, Gould, and led the 75,000 Australian dollar championship award. This is also the 27th major ranking tournament champion in Higgins’s career, tying the Rockets Osage. Leven.

The Australian Open is the first regular ranked tournament of the season, and this year it will follow the traditional format. As in the past, many of the top 16 seeds, including O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui, were absent. In the previous game, the world’s No. 1 Selby, defending champion Trump and this year’s world champion Bingham have fallen. In the end, Higgins and Gould fought each other and joined the finals.

As one of the 75 star players, the Scottish “Wizard” John Higgins is now over 40 years old. After winning the Welsh Open at the beginning of this year, last season, the number of career ranking champions has risen to 26. Although Gould has won the strong snooker, single limited time tournament, Champions League and other invitational tournaments as well as the PTC tournament, the ranking tournament is only after the 2011 PTC finals. Reaching the final for the second time, he is launching an impact on the first ranking tournament champion of his career. In the first stage of the final, Higgins drew with Gould 4-4, during which they each completed a 100-shot. In the second stage, the two sides continued to fight and entered a stale tug-of-war. Higgins hit a single shot with 89 points and a sword to seal the throat. In the end, the total score was 9-8 and he successfully crowned the crown and dominated Australia after hardships.

This is Higgins’s 27th career ranking tournament title. The number is equal to his old rival “Rocket” O’Sullivan, and is only one short of “Nugget” old Davis. According to regulations, the champion will also be eligible to participate in the “Championship Championship” invitational tournament, but because Higgins already has tickets, this quota will be postponed to other events afterwards. Gould’s performance is also remarkable. He reached the main race and even the final as a qualifier, defeating the two high-ranking seeds Fu Jiajun and Maguire, which was amazing and won the second runner-up in the individual ranking competition. .

On the same day, the 2015 World 9-Ball China Open came to an end in Shanghai. Jin Jiaying, who is also a star contract player, beat the group and won the women’s championship. Star players won two world championships in the same day, witnessing the solid soft power of Xingpai.

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