Star player Trump visited Tianjin, luxury car escort signed and auctioned high prices

On June 13, 2013, Xingpai signed player Judd Trump visited Xingpai Tianjin Branch and Yunmengze Billiards Club to interact with fans.

Although there is still some time before the Wuxi Classic, Trump has already flown to Beijing this morning. After more than an hour’s drive, Xiaote came to Tianjin to meet and interact with fans.

At Xingpai Tianjin branch, seeing everyone waiting in line for a group photo, Trump also put down his exhaustion and took a group photo with the fans one by one. In the office, Xiaote patiently and earnestly signed a large table full of cue sticks. Of course, Xiaote would not refuse the request of a beautiful woman to sign a t-shirt.

Xiaote’s second stop was Tianjin Yunmengze Billiards Club. Here, a large number of enthusiastic fans gathered around the interactive scene. Xiaote and lucky fans formed a doubles partner to interact with everyone. During the interaction, Xiaote discovered by chance that he was “shoes hit”. It turned out that a lucky fan appeared wearing Trump’s classic “spike shoes”. It is reported that this pair of golden spiked shoes was bought by fans from the UK, and the price is naturally high.

Soon after Trump ended the interaction, souvenirs signed by Xiaote were auctioned. T-shirts with Trump’s photo and signature were sold for 2,000 yuan, and the signed cue barrel + cue was worth twice as much. In the end, it was photographed by fans at a price of 10,000 yuan/set.

This trip to Tianjin by Xiaote received support from all parties. BMW sponsored 4 7-series luxury cars to escort Xiaote. In addition, the deputy director of Tianjin Sports Bureau, the chairman and secretary-general of Tianjin Billiards Association, and real estate developer Olympic City The general manager and club owners from surrounding provinces and cities all came to the event to help out.

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