Stars from all over the world attend the opening ceremony of Xingpai Club Xujiahui Store

On September 16, the opening ceremony of Shanghai Xingpai Billiards Club Xujiahui Store was grandly held at Xingpai Billiards Club at No. 123 Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Ms. Wang Tao, Director of the Second Department of the National Small Ball Sports Management Center, Mr. Li Zongyong, Chairman of the Shanghai Billiards Association, Chairman Gan Liantong of Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd., and Xingpai signed international superstars Judd Trump, Alison Fisher , Pan Xiaoting, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha, Li Hewen and others attended the opening ceremony and unveiled the Xingpai Billiards Club.


Minister Wang Tao, Chairman Gan Liantong and Chairman Li Zongyong attended the opening ceremony


Speech by Wang Tao, Minister of the Second Department of National Small Ball Sports Management Center

Minister Wang Tao said in his speech: “Xingpai, as a leading company in the Chinese billiards industry, has made great contributions to the development of China’s billiards industry. It has hosted many major events and successfully signed a number of international billiards superstars for promotion. Billiards is a model in the industry.”


Chairman Li Zongyong of Shanghai Billiards Association praised Xingpai for its contribution to Chinese billiards

Chairman Li Zongyong said in his speech: “Since its establishment, Xingwei has worked closely with billiard associations around the country and made outstanding contributions to the promotion of billiards in various regions. Now Xingpai has gone abroad to the world, playing in the world’s top billiards games. You can see the Xingpai logo on the screen. In the world of billiards, Xingpai is already a beautiful business card of Chinese billiard companies, and Xingpai is the pride of Chinese billiards!”


Welcome speech by Chairman Gan Liantong of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Mr. Gan Liantong, Chairman of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. thanked the Chinese Billiards Association, International Small Ball Sports Management Center and colleagues in the billiards industry for their care and support for Xingpai over the years, and firmly believes that under the care of leaders from all walks of life , Xingpai continues to innovate, and with continuous efforts, China’s billiards industry will usher in an extremely brilliant tomorrow.

星牌签约世界冠军潘晓婷 刘莎莎 艾莉森-费雪等出席开业典礼

Xingpai signed with world champion Pan Xiaoting, Liu Shasha, Alison Fisher and others to attend the opening ceremony


The leader signed a contract with Zhongxing Brand Superstar to unveil the Xingpai Billiards Club


Xingpai signed with snooker superstar Trump, laying on his hand and autographing

星牌签约世界冠军潘晓婷 李赫文在球台上签名

Xingpai Signs World Champion Pan Xiaoting Li Hewen Signs on the Table


The leaders attending the opening ceremony took a group photo with the star signing superstars

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