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Case of Star Ball Room Mentioning the wolf clan, what can you think of? Risks? Stubbornness? Tenacious? It is estimated that these words will come to your mind one by one. Wolf clan twilight, what do you think of? A book that promotes wolf totem culture and art? A new American blockbuster film? Think of the interface that jumps out of the word, adrenal hormones surge, there is nothing ?

Wolf Twilight is actually the name of a billiard club. Today, I will introduce to you in detail the Wolf Twilight Billiard Club in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, which has a wolf culture atmosphere.

Wolf is a kind of small animal that people know very well. It is wild but full of physical strength and hardworking spirit. It is often found in various literary works and films. In the current natural environment of the sales market with fierce market competition, many operators will promote a “wolf culture” and encourage employees to be pragmatic in their work. When encountering difficulties, they must unite and help each other and persevere.

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The billiard club with such a unique name was founded in 2013 and is located in Zhonghuan Plaza, Jiamusi City. When you enter the club’s door, you will be deeply attracted by a wall painting “Wolf-like Elite Team”. Just like the metaphor in the wall painting, “With a pack of wolves, there is nothing impossible to do.” In the five years since the club was founded, under the management philosophy of this wolf-like culture, the business process is vivid and thriving.

The wolf clan night billiard club has a total area of ​​2500 square meters, with 28 star-brand high-end billiard tables, 2 luxury international business hard bags, and 6 leisure and entertainment packages. This billiard club integrates high-end billiards, music bars, drinking bars, darts, and large and medium-sized somatosensory games. It is a luxury leisure center built with a investment of 3 million. It is a variety of billiards games, billiard skills PK, and friends communication. A good place for communication is very famous among many snooker enthusiasts in Qiqihar.

Mr. Wang Kexin, who runs the Wolf Clan Night Snooker Club, is young, but very bold. He closely focused on the long-term development trend of the club team, not only chose to cooperate with the pioneer star in the billiard manufacturing industry, but also held various billiard games from time to time. In addition to attracting fans for the club team, it has also greatly activated the local billiard atmosphere and promoted the development trend of billiards in Qiqihar City.

Speaking of future development and overall planning, Wang Kexin is well aware of it. He expressed that, as an enthusiast in the billiard manufacturing industry, he will go all out to turn the wolf clan night billiard club into the most luxurious and technical professional billiard club in Jiamusi City. In addition, he will follow in the footsteps of Xingpai, and together with Xingpai, promote and popularize the development trend of billiards fitness in Jiamusi City, so that more people will love this fitness sport.

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