Chinese World Championships International Group: “Iceberg Beauty” He Xinru advances to the main tournament Xu Rui’an hell becomes paradise

On the afternoon of March 19, the second round of the international side of the 2019 “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championships started. In the first two rounds of the competition today, the players who were unanimously optimistic all played normally and still retain the hope of promotion Only a few masters headed by Chinese Taipei player Ye Zhenlun unfortunately lost and ended the trip to the World Championships.

In the first out-of-match in the early game, British star Merlin and Burmese king Yang Shaojie have already joined the main team, and the remaining players will work hard for the last 12 places in the main match. In the first side game, the expected performance of the Chinese Taipei players was mediocre. Only Tao Ying broke into the promotion round, while dozens of other players were defeated early. The women’s part did save some face for the Chinese Taipei team. He Xinru and Guo Siting easily defeated their opponents to advance to the main match.

The second side game kicked off at 2 pm on time. As the few competitive players have already taken the lead, the remaining players must do their best to qualify for the second side game that has already reduced the difficulty.

The World Universiade gold medalist Xu Rui’an, who was killed by a balloon on the first day of the final game, faced the final game again today. After he was 2-5 behind in the final game, he chased the final game, but the opponent washed the cue ball while hitting the 8th ball. Taking the victory in his pocket, Xu Rui’an, who was in a panic after the game, also shouted feng shui, and finally it was his turn. Subsequently, Xu Ruian, who gradually adapted to the Chinese table, won seven consecutive games and won the final three games within 7 minutes after falling behind 0-2 in the civil war with Chinese Taipei compatriot Ye Zhenlun. Due to the weak overall strength of this group, Xu Rui’an is very likely to win precious tickets for promotion if he plays normally.

On the morning of the 19th, Tao Yingduo lost to the big Boss Merlin in the promotion round, but regretfully stopped. After regrouping, Tao Yingduo faced the little-known South African player in the second round with an empty bye in the first round, and passed another level after an easy victory. Hope the second attempt will get what you want.

In addition, as for other key players, veteran Zhao Ronghua missed the match twice in a row. Today, he lost to Iranian player Masood, who is an “old acquaintance” of Chinese billiards and has participated in domestic 9-ball and Chinese billiards events many times. Iranian snooker player Cecchini suffered a tragic reversal with a 5-2 lead. The No. 8 ball of the deciding game was too light to hang in the pocket and gave up the victory, putting an end to his first trip to China. And South African star Jason Theron, who has a lot of Chinese billiards experience, has become the hottest promotion so far. He also easily passed two levels and will make the final sprint tomorrow. Another Chinese Taipei star, Liu Riteng, won a reversal. He will stage a civil war with Tao Yingdo tomorrow. The winner of the two will most likely get a ticket to the race.

Tomorrow will be the last match day of the side event, and all the places for the evening race will be released. After two days of rest, the race will start on the 22nd. You can watch the live broadcast of the match through “China Sports” Scan the QR code below to view real-time scores and matchups.

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