Xinhua News Agency News Star signed player Ding Junhui was selected into the Snooker World Hall of Fame on the 10th, becoming the first Chinese player to win this honor.

China Billiards Association Official Website News On the first match day of the 2017 Snooker Scottish Open, Higgins and Maguire both played a strong side and won the first match. Trump, ranked third in the world, beat Hull 4-0 and joined Michael White to enter the top 64.


Last year, Higgins entered the final with the support of his hometown fathers and fellow villagers. In the end, he lost 4-9 to Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun and ended in runner-up. This season, the 42-year-old Scottish wizard has maintained a strong fighting power. He added another title at the Indian Open, and then the Shanghai Masters ranked among the top 4.

Returning to fight at the door this time, Higgins suffocated. He scored 54 points in one shot in the first game, but was taken 70-64 by England rookie Lisowski. Next, Higgins showed his four-time world champion’s demeanor, and had zero opponents in three consecutive rounds. During the third and fourth rounds, he scored 99 and 88 points in a single stroke, surpassed 3-1 and won the match point. In the fifth game, he still didn’t give his opponent many chances, 76-20 and another victory, with a total score of 4-1 in the first game. In the second round, Higgins will face England’s Keorgan, who only turned professional last year, who swept veteran Bond 4-0 in the game that day.

Another Scottish strongman, Maguire, was also very strong in the game of the day, sweeping Malta veteran Borg 4-0. In the just-concluded British Championships, the second largest traditional ranking tournament, Maguire broke into the top four and eventually lost to O’Sullivan, who later won the championship, which means that he will miss the Masters Invitational, one of the three major tournaments for two consecutive years. For Maguire, the homeland war is a good opportunity to regain lost ground.

Trump, ranked 3rd in the world, didn’t have much trouble and beat Finnish veteran Hull 4-0. In the second round, the quasi-genius faced Craig, who eliminated Thailand’s Koyatikun 4-2.

Welsh star Michael White swept the Thai king Watana 4-0 in the game of the day. In the second round, Little White will have a showdown with Scottish player Donaldson. Dell eliminated Egyptian professional rookie Etahan 4-1, and the Astros finished with 113 points in the final game.

Former world champion Dortmund did not perform well and was eliminated by black golfer McLeod 2-4. In the second round, McLeod awaited the winner between Chinese players Niu Zhuang and Wang Yuchen. In addition, the world’s No. 7 Barry Hawkins lost to Jamie Jones 2-4, early round trip.

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