Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shaanxi Provincial Qualifier Zhang Yanfei won the final game and won the championship

On April 15th, Beijing time, the 2012 National First Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station Shaanxi Division Qualifier entered the final day of competition. After the fierce competition in the final stage of the eight players, Liu Jian from Ningxia and Zhang Yanfei from Inner Mongolia successfully joined the finals. In the finals, the two played a wonderful confrontation and played 13 games. In the final, Zhang Yanfei defeated the opponent in a thrilling manner and won the championship of this game.

At exactly 10:30 in the morning, the eight players who qualified yesterday were caught in a fight. In the four quarter games, the most interesting is undoubtedly the strong dialogue between Liu Jian from Ningxia and Liu Yong from Xi’an. In yesterday’s competition with Ma Yang, Liu Jian won three consecutive rounds under the unfavorable situation of 2:4 behind. The last two rounds were cleared in a row, thus achieving a miraculous reversal and qualifying; and Liu Yong was in the process. The road to advancement was fairly smooth, and after three consecutive rounds of easy clearance, he qualified smoothly.

After the match between the two men began, Liu Jian, who was feeling fiery, quickly gained a 3:0 lead. He caught his opponent by surprise. Liu Yongqiang, who had been dazzled by the spirit of his fighting spirit, regained the two games tenaciously, but today’s Liu Jian was caught off guard. Sword was clearly prepared, and in the next two rounds he never gave his opponent any chance, and finally eliminated his opponent with a score of 5:3 and advanced to the semi-finals. In several other games at the same time, Li Hao, also from Ningxia, eliminated Luo Zhenhua from Gansu 5:2 and joined Liu Jian to advance to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, the two will stage the Ningxia derby; Zhang Yanfei from Inner Mongolia 5:1 After sweeping Weiyu, he occupied one of the top four; Shaanxi player Li Hui and Guo Jianwu from Shanxi played nine rounds. With the high degree of accuracy of the high angle eight ball in the final shot of the decisive round, Li Hui got the prize. The last ticket to the semifinals of this game. In accordance with the rules of the event, the top four players in this qualifier will be the seed players in the Henan Grand Prix.

In the two semi-finals, Liu Jian played against Li Hao in the Ningxia Derby, while Li Hui played at home against the Inner Mongolian master Zhang Yanfei. Under the gaze of many fans on the scene, the two pairs of players presented a wonderful battle for everyone. In the end, in the derby battle, Liu Jian, who was better in strength and form, finally won Li Hao 7:3. First to advance to the finals of this qualifier; in the other semi-finals, Li Hui suddenly lost his touch after taking a 2:0 lead in the opening, while Zhang Yanfei was more and more courageous and won 7 consecutive games in a magical manner. Eliminated the opponent with a score of 7:2 and advanced to the final.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the final between Liu Jian and Zhang Yanfei started on time. After the start, the brave Liu Jian still maintained a good hand feeling and quickly achieved a 3:0 lead. However, Zhang Yanfei was no idler. After getting started, he stubbornly pulled back two rounds to turn the score into 3: 2. However, Liu Jian then moved to the two cities to expand the score to 5:2. In the eighth game, both of them made many mistakes. Liu Jian’s simple ball mistake made him regretfully miss the match point and became the turning point of the whole game. Subsequently, Zhang Yanfei cleared the score with a wonderful blow. To 4:5. Zhang Yanfei, who chased two games in a row, was like a broken bamboo, and after another two games, he magically overtook the score to 6:5 and took the lead to get the match point. In the key twelfth game, the two made mistakes. In the final stage, Liu Jian withstood the pressure to win the game. The score between the two sides became 6:6 again. The champion of this qualifier will pass the final game of the final game. produce. In the deciding game, although Liu Jian pocketed the ball after kick-off, unfortunately the cue ball also sacked. Zhang Yanfei faced an excellent opportunity. After he came on the field, he withstood the huge pressure and hit his own ball one by one. In the pocket, although the final key black ball had a big angle because of the elevated angle, Zhang Feiyan still steadily scored this worthy winning goal, thus defeating Liu Jian in the decisive game and winning the game. The winner of this competition.

At this point, the qualifiers of the Shaanxi Division of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament are all over. On the 20th of this month, there will be two other qualifying rounds at the same time, namely Datong in Shanxi and Binzhou in Shandong. Players who failed to qualify in this competition and other players can choose from nearby, so as to gain the greatest opportunity to qualify for Zhengzhou. Signature: Xingpai Billiards

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