Did O’Sullivan participate in the Snooker Single Limited Time Tournament?

The 2019 Snooker Single Limited Time Tournament ended all competitions at the England’s Watford Colosseum at midnight on the 25th, Beijing time, China. In the last Champions League match, the game went from the 1/16 finals all the way to the finals. The best situation of the Chinese Army was created by the promotion to the top 8 Li Xing, and the championship finally belonged to the Philippine ball king Tachaia. O’Sullivan, who appeared on the field as a real commentator, expressed that in 2020, “100%” will apply for the competition.

Different from the general snooker game, the single-limit time game has a very high standard and is a more interesting open game. The players in the competition are among the top 128 in the world, and any lottery is carried out in each round. The game must be determined within 10 minutes of a game. The first 5 minutes is a special offer of 15 seconds, and the last 5 minutes is a special offer of 10 seconds. There is no suspension. Every shot must be bounced or scored, including the stroke. All offensive fouls within the request timeout are penalty free kicks.

The best of our contestants on this website is Li Xing, who was promoted to the top 8 in the exam. He finally fell under Holt’s pole and missed the finals. Zhao Xintong, who hopes to use this website’s championship points to reach the Players Open, unfortunately loses Brechel and stopped in the top 32. In addition, he did not make it to the top 16 in a single season.

Ding Junhui, the world’s largest player from my country, has not yet registered for the competition. At this stage, you have been actively preparing for the Champions League to be launched in mid-to-late March. But his old friend “Rocket” O’Sullivan is not so anxious. During the competition on this website, he appeared on the field as a special guest on the European Sports Channel, and became a concern for football fans outside the competition. Focus.

It is worth mentioning that when O’Sullivan interacted with netizens on social networks, he revealed his keen interest in single-limited time games. “Now I kind of hope that I can sign up. The development trend of snooker is very good at this stage, and there are many opportunities for players.” When asked if they will play this game in 2020, Austrian Sullivan said: “100%! Now that I am a good player, I hope I can be 25 years old!”

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