China Star Billiards League Innovation Tournament Launches Happy Billiards Team is King

On April 29, 2012, the team challenge held by the China Star Billiards League kicked off at the Beijing Jinpeng Billiard Club. This competition was designed for billiards fans and ball rooms, calling on “Success is not based on winning or losing. On Heroes”, the ranking match is the opening ceremony of the next Star Billiards League Challenge, which will usher in successive challenges for nearly a month.

Saihao 2 team who won the championship of the team ranking and the awarding guests

Special guest kick-off ceremony

Star brand is based on the promotion and understanding of billiards for more than 20 years. It is specially designed for the majority of billiards fans and ball rooms to develop team strength, boldly pioneering a new mode of competition that never stops, which can be called the perfect combination of games and competitions. The event is divided into team challenge (to compete for the team champion, runner-up and third place at the Fortune Wings Billiard Club on April 29), team challenge (April 30 to May 31), individual member free game (April 30) May to May 31). After this stage of the competition, the next stage of the Star League tournament will be planned gradually. Therefore, this will be a non-stop game. In the form of a team, every billiard fan’s interest in billiards will be stimulated, and billiards will be popularized to All of Beijing and every corner of China.

Jin Cheng from the Angle Team bid for the club signed by Ding Junhui, O’Sullivan and Trump for 3,000 yuan

The team ranking match on April 29 can be said to be the launch ceremony of the entire tournament. Nearly 200 people participated in this team competition. After eight hours of intense competition, the winners of the competition were Saihao 2, Harp, and Fashion. The names of the teams that everyone talked about in the game added a lot to the game, similar to “All Blast Team”, “Just Right Team”, “Premier League”, “Black Panthers”, “Extraordinary Team” and “Utopia” “You and me, the other team”, “Who loves the team”, “I’m not afraid of losing” and other team names have won everyone amusement, and also have more playfulness in the game, less rigid regular games, and more interesting is “Watermelon Team” Encountering the “Broad Swords Team”, it sounds like a tragedy, but the participants are still very enthusiastic and only take it for fun, but still enjoy the game.

has left such a special signature on the signature plate, each word is completed in one stroke

This team ranking competition adopts a single-round elimination system. The first round of singles (Chinese billiards), the second round of doubles (American 9-ball), and the third round of doubles (Chinese billiards). Both big and small rounds adopt a three-game two-win system. It is worth mentioning that the registration for this competition is not divided into men and women, and the game is not allowed to allow more billiards fans to participate in it. The American 9-ball in the second game is also another highlight, playing 9 balls on the Chinese table. The premise of increasing difficulty also brought freshness and excitement to the game.

Draw Ceremony

In an interview with reporters, the team that won the championship said: The event held by the China Star Billiards League is very different. The purpose of “happy billiards, team is king” allows participants to truly appreciate the fun of the game. I am very grateful to the organizers for giving them such an opportunity to exchange experiences and exchanges between the teams. I also hope that the Star Billiards League will hold more similar activities and will pay more attention to and actively participate in this tournament in the future.

In the course of the game, the eliminated team can continue to participate in the team challenge. The teams initiate engagements and challenges with each other. They will get 300 points for a winning game and 100 points for a losing game. At the end of the ranking game, they will have the most points. The Tao Xuefeng team won the ranking of the day, the Watermelon team and the Premier League team tied for runner-up, and the third place was your team and the Century team.

The little guy also looks forward to one day leaving his name on the signed edition

The team challenge will last for one month. During this period, teams who want to participate can register through the official website. They can participate in the tournament in the following ball rooms: Fortune Wings Billiards Club, Too Familiar Billiards Club, No. 8 Space Billiards Club, Jia Sai 147 Billiards Club, Kusai Billiards Club, Angle Billiards Club.

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