Masters Bingham beat a hundred to win the championship, the oldest championship in history

In the 2020 Snooker Masters finals, Bingham and Kutcher had a duel. After five times, Bingham changed hands as the leader. Finally, Bingham broke the 100th in this tournament with Shanshan’s late arrival. As the end, a 10-8 victory over the card holders, he carried the championship medal for the first time.

Bingham and Kadi have experienced 9 and 11 championship matches respectively, but this is the first time that they have entered the finals in 2019. No matter how they can win each other’s championships, they will be the 24th championship players in the competition. . In the whole process of promotion, Bingham had to end the game with a 5-0 wave in the first two rounds, defeating Marco Williams and Karen Wilson in turn, especially in the second game, Bingham once had 1 -4 Outdated but made a shocking reversal, and since then he easily defeated Gilbert, the long-to-date defeat.

On the other hand, for the cardholders in this championship, there is no doubt that good luck combined with the overall strength is grasped. As O’Sullivan’s vested interest in retiring, he ranked 17th in the world for cardholders. The previous three games The overall main performance is stable, and he turned all the way to the finals as a substitute player, replacing the three Grand Slam footballers without Selby, Higgins and Sean Murphy, six small yellow crowns, and personally eliminated half. .

The two football players born in the 70s have already had a record of 27 clashes. Alibaba·Kak held 15 wins, 11 losses and 1 draw and took the initiative, but it is particularly important to note that from the 2016 Shanghai Masters to the 6 reds last year In the World Championships, Bingham has already won seven consecutive games against the card holder, and the scores are relatively high. In the seven games here, the card holder has not won more than three games.

In the finals this time, each other’s main performances were more serious and meticulous. After a period of defensive war, Bingham scored first, but quickly made mistakes. After getting stuck, he immediately scored 124 points on a single stroke for himself. He made a strong start, which was his first major performance in this game. The style of the second game changed into a card mishandling and Bingham show attack. It equalized with a 75-point stroke. score.

In the next round, each other gave each other a few opportunities. In the end, Bingham succeeded in catching up with the situation. In the 4th round, the card holder who entered early played seven sets of red + black, but hit the seventh black ball. There was static induction at the time, but then he grabbed the ball again and allowed each other to enter the first stage of the interning with a 2-2 situation. After returning home, the card holder scored 93 points on a single stroke, and was slightly disappointed in failing to break the 100, but he succeeded in catching up with the situation again.

The system process of the 6th round was relatively long. The attack power changed hands several times, until the final black ball was struck, and the card was turned over and there was no opportunity left. Bingham succeeded in one stroke; the next “Big Shark” made another 50-point tie. Successfully won, the match changed the leading side for the third time; in the final match in the first round, the two football players failed to win by one stroke. After a period of defense, Bingham still fought the four. The yellow ball, followed by an overscore, 5-3, became the leader in this link, and the score was opened to two games for the first time.

It seems that the wave of 0-3 that I finally tasted in the first session stimulated morale. After returning home in the second stage, the card stubbornly fought back the 4-0 spurt, and continued to make singles in the 11th and 12th innings. He scored 95 and 133 points, and also allowed himself to lead again; after waiting for 2 hours in the night time, Bingham won his first game with a single 64 points; it has passed the most difficult time In the paragraph, Bingham then added 85 points, the game was tied to 7-7, and the competition was slowly heated.

In the 15th game, he stopped attacking after getting 26. Bingham started to get started and made a few super-difficult goals, once again turning the leader into himself; Bingham, who was more and more courageous in the Vietnam war, went on to get started quickly. He also lays down a score of 88 points, can never panic after the enemy has won four games in a row, and he has given back a wave of 4-0. The mental state is conclusive. At this time, he had already scored the match point first. However, the event was not so easy to finish. I was bored for a long time. I used the enemy’s mistakes that appeared not long after the beginning of the 17th round, and quickly made a 77 points to continue to maintain the foreshadowing.

But Bingham did not leave the enemy any more opportunities. After fighting for the attacking opportunity in the 18th game, he resisted the pressure of work all the way and dealt with the difficulties several times. In the end, he made his own first shot of this tournament and broke 100. It seems that Shanshan arrived late, but appeared at the most necessary moment. 10-8, Bingham won, and for the first time carried the championship medal-Wade Hunter Cup.

It is the second three-match championship of the national champion Bingham. He is one British championship away from the Grand Slam, and has the opportunity to become the next “little yellow crown” wearer. , He also updated the oldest record of winning a championship. The card holder almost wrote the myth of the real identity of the substitute team member winning the championship. It is very, but the card holder who can conquer 2 days and 2 illnesses still has not conquered the 2/3 match.

The high score performance of both sides in this field:

Bingham: 75, 66, 50, 64, 85, 58, 88, 109

Carter: 126, 56, 93, 95, 133, 77

Bonus distribution (GBP):

Champion: 250,000

Runner-up: 100000

Top 4: 60000

Top 8: 30000

Top 16: 15,000

Highest single-stroke score: 15000-David Gilbert 144 points

Signature: Star Billiards

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