National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Ningxia Wuzhong Tournament Players Participate in Multiple Positions

On August 4, Beijing time, the CBSA Chinese Eight-Ball Wu Zhong Qualifying Tournament was held as scheduled. This is the first time that Ningxia has held a national billiards competition. The competition has attracted many masters from Northwest China, especially fans from Ningxia, who are eager to sign up. Among the many contestants, there is such a player who has multiple identities. He is a contestant, a ball house owner, a director of an investment company, and a secretary general of the local billiards association. He is Cheng Zhuan from Dawukou, Ningxia. He has several roles, but he said, “No matter what my status, I am a person who loves billiards.”

Cheng Zhuan is one of the contestants in this event. In addition to himself, he also brought eight other players from his billiard club to participate in the competition. When talking about billiards, Cheng Zhuan used a word to describe his feelings-love. When he was young, Cheng Zhuan fell in love with the sport of billiards. After a while, he also went to various places to play games as a professional player. After that, Cheng Zhuan opened his own Mingxing billiard club in the local area, became the owner of the ball room, and his business was quite good. Years of billiards experience has made him famous in the local area. In an election, Cheng Zhuan was elected as the Secretary-General of the Taiwan Association of Dawukou.

Cheng’s business is getting bigger and bigger. With his own investment company, he has also started to get involved in many other industries, but he says he can’t do without billiards. “Sometimes I don’t have time to play on a business trip. The first thing I do when I go home is to play billiards right away. For me, playing billiards is like a walk for many people. It’s a habit that can’t be changed.”

Despite being a ball room owner and busy in business, Cheng Zhuan still insists on participating in various competitions. He said that it is not special for the ball house owner to compete in Ningxia as a golfer, and this type of communication is also very common in Ningxia. “Ningxia’s billiards circle is not very big, but it’s very close. It brings together a lot of players who love billiards. If a regional club has a game, we will definitely lead the team to join us when we have time. Through the game, the whole The atmosphere has become better, and it has also promoted the development of our Ningxia billiards.”

Talking about the development prospects of Ningxia billiards, Cheng Chuan, who has been in the circle for many years, is quite confident. “I think Ningxia billiards are in a mature stage. I often travel to various places to compete, and I have a general understanding of the development of billiards in other provinces and cities. I think the ball room in Ningxia is not worse than that of other provinces and cities. We Our foundation is getting better and better. I am optimistic about the prospects of Ningxia billiards, which will definitely be brighter.”

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