Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shaanxi Qualifying Tournament Day 2

On April 14, Beijing time, the 2012 Chinese Billiards National Ranking Tournament Henan Station Shaanxi Division qualifier continued. After two consecutive days of intense and fierce confrontation, all eight qualifying players for this qualifier were all produced.

According to the rules of the competition, the qualifiers of each division will produce eight players who will advance to the Henan Station competition, and the top four of the promoted players will be the seed players in the competition. As of this evening, all eight qualified players in the Shaanxi Division Qualifiers have emerged. They are: Li Hao and Liu Jian from Ningxia, Luo Zhenhua from Gansu, Li Hui and Liu Yong from Xi’an, and Guo Jianwu from Shanxi. , Weiyu from Hubei and Zhang Yanfei from Inner Mongolia.

In the fierce competition for the final right to qualify, the most eye-catching match was undoubtedly the duel between Shaanxi local Chinese billiard master Ma Yang and Liu Jian from Ningxia. Liu Jian, known as the “first shot in Ningxia”, has a good knowledge of Chinese billiards, and the young player Ma Yang has also occupied the No. 1 throne of Chinese billiards in Shaanxi Province for a long time. The strong dialogue between the two attracted The eyes of many fans at the scene.

After the two started the game, you came and I met, and the battle quickly became a 2:2 tie. In the crucial fifth game, Ma Yang won the game strongly and pursued the victory again to get a 4:2 lead and take the lead in getting the match point. However, a dramatic change occurred in the seventh game of the two sides: Ma Yang’s defense with no loopholes in one shot allowed Liu Jian, who had reached the edge of the cliff, to survive, and the latter was lucky with a compelling, difficult jump. The ball jumped in, and Liu Jian was lucky enough to get back a round. Unexpectedly, Ma Yang never stood up again. Liu Jian shot two brilliant shots in a row, and achieved a big reversal after winning three games in a row. He also qualified for the Zhengzhou competition when he advanced to the quarterfinals. . Li Hao, also from Ningxia, swept Zhang Jun 5:1 and joined Liu Jian to qualify.

Among the eight players who qualified, Liu Yong and Li Hui from Xi’an performed steadily all the way and successfully advanced. The two were divided into the upper and lower halves in this game. The powerful Liu Yong easily passed the game all the way. He only lost two games in the first round of the game. In the remaining rounds, he blocked his opponents and advanced strongly; Li Hui in the half area also performed well. After successfully passing the first few rounds, he was blocked by Zhang Xujie, a famous local player in Yulin, where the competition was held in the eighth final. However, Li Hui eventually defeated his opponent 5-2 and advanced smoothly.

In several other games at the same time, Luo Zhenhua, a player from Gansu, encountered Wang Gengmo from Inner Mongolia. The strong two played very cautiously in the game, but after the two sides fought 3:3, they performed even better. Luo Zhenhua won two games in a row and won the game tenaciously. However, in another game, Zhang Yanfei from Inner Mongolia swept the opponent with a big score of 5:0 and made a strong qualifying. In addition, Weiyu from Hubei and Guo Jianwu from Shanxi swept their opponents respectively. , Successfully got the ticket to Zhengzhou.

At this point, all the eight qualified players in this qualifying round have emerged. However, in accordance with the rules of the tournament, the eight qualifying players who qualify will continue to play until the final championship is determined. Therefore, the eight players will continue to compete tomorrow. We will wait and see who can finally win. stay tuned.

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