Welsh Higgins wins the title for the fifth time, 30th career ranking trophy

China Billiards Association official website news in the early morning of March 5, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Wales Open ended in Cardiff. The final was staged between Higgins, currently ranked No. 5 in the world, and Hawkins, No. 8. In the first stage, Higgins scored a single shot, but the result was a tie with Hawkins 4-4. In the second stage, Hawkins added two more shots and broke 100. The result gradually fell. In the end, Higgins defeated Hawkins 9-7 and won the championship in Wales for the fifth time in his career, thus surpassing O’Sullivan, becoming the history of Wales. The player who has won the most championships. This is Higgins’ second ranking trophy this season and his 30th career.

This week, both sides in the final performed very well. After Higgins defeated the highly anticipated O’Sullivan 5-1, he overtook Gary Wilson 6-2 in the semifinals. Hawkins sent away China’s post-00 player Yan Bingtao 5-1, and then eliminated Thailand’s dark horse Sancam 6-4.

This final has extraordinary significance for both sides. For Hawkins, this was the battle for his return after half a year of downturn when he suffered from his family’s misfortune, and for Higgins, it was a huge temptation for Wales’ five crowns monument. Therefore, both of them tried their best to produce a wonderful peak duel.

The finals will be conducted in two stages with a 17-round 9-win system. In the first eight games of the first stage, Higgins’s offensive feel was much better than Hawkins. The four-time world champions have scored 138, 68, 141, 51 and 58 points in a single stroke. In this stage, Hawking Sri Lanka only had 130 points in a single stroke. Nevertheless, the score is indeed 4-4.

The game entered the second stage, Higgins won the 9th game 56-1, 59-44 and then went to the next city. Starting from 2-4 in the first stage, Higgins has won four games in a row, with a total score of 6-4. Overtake Hawkins in two games. Hawkins broke out suddenly, with 103 points and 138 points in a single shot and broke 100 in two consecutive shots. The two sides shook hands with a 6-6 draw.

In the 13th inning, Higgins trailed by 40 points and 66 points on a single stroke and reversed in a single inning, leading Hawkins 7-6 again. In the 14th game, Higgins made two mistakes with the red ball of the side library, and Hawkins missed the bag twice. With only 4 points in the game, Hawkins missed the last pink ball, Higgins scored from far away, and took the lead in winning the match point 8-6.

82 points in a single stroke! Hawkins, who had nowhere to go, responded aggressively and managed to save a match point cleanly. In the 16th inning, Hawkins made a big mistake and Higgins took a 64-point lead in one stroke. Hawkins tried to get in the bag but failed, Higgins continued to score. In the end, Higgins scored 9-7 to seal the victory, won the championship, and took away 70,000 pounds.

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