Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Liu Shasha Han Yu Zhou Doudou easily won and advanced to the top 8

On May 25th, Beijing time, the first “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament entered the third competition day at the Gaogu Billiards Club in Zhengzhou. In the morning match, the women’s quarter-finals were all launched, and Han Yu, Liu Shasha, Zhou Doudou, Bai Ge, Zhang Xiaotong, Yu Hong, Wang Yingchao and Liu Qingqing advanced to the top 8.

In the match between Liu Shasha and Du Hui, Liu Shasha basically had the initiative on the court. In the first game, Liu Shasha played the No. 8 ball and the opponent had two goals, but at this time Liu Shasha was scoring the No. 8. The cue ball fell into the pocket at the same time as the ball. Liu Shasha, who lost a game first, continued to dominate the game and quickly eliminated the opponent with a score of 5-1. The main table was between Han Yu and Song Xinyi, and there was no suspense. Han Yu soon took the absolute advantage and won the top 8 with a big score of 5 to 1. There were also two big scores in this round. Liu Qingqing defeated Ma Jiao 5-0 and Zhang Xiaotong defeated Li Xue 5-0.

Zhou Doudou’s opponent in this round is the 12-year-old Wang Ye who upset Cong Jing in the last round. Zhengzhou is Zhou Doudou’s hometown. Zhou Doudou went to Shanghai to practice 9 ball when she was 15 years old. She rarely played Chinese billiards. With a very relaxed attitude, Zhou Doudou came to participate in the first Chinese billiards game. Zhou Doudou, who was unburdened, performed very steadily. He soon defeated Wang by a score of 5 to 1 and successfully advanced to the top 8. The white dove who narrowly beat Fu Xiaofang in yesterday’s decisive game started not very well today. At one time, it drew 2-2 with the opponent, but then the white dove succeeded in winning three games in a row and advanced 5-2. After Yu Hong got the match point 4-1, Tian Yuan stubbornly chased him to a 4-4 tie, and finally won by a narrow margin in the final game. In another game, Wang Yingchao defeated Niu Cuizhi 5 to 3.

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