Hawkins was eliminated by Zhou Yuelong in the Masters and advanced to the top 4

On January 25th, Beijing time, the 2020 Snooker European Masters ended a quarter-final focus battle. Chinese player Zhou Yuelong scored 50+ with one stroke and two strokes, with a total score of 5:2 over Barry Hawkins and advanced to the top 4.

In the first two rounds, Zhou Yuelong defeated the three-time World Championship champion “Golden Left” Mark Williams and the post-00 teenager Jackson Page. Barry Hawkins ranks 12th in the world, beating David Leary in the first two rounds and winning the favorite Mark Selby. Prior to this, the two sides had 3 clashes, Zhou Yuelong was in advantage with 2 wins and 1 loss.

In the first game, Zhou Yuelong took the lead after the start, winning the first game with 81:30, and the big score was 1:0 to get a good start. During the second game, Zhou Yuelong still took the initiative, and Hawkins still felt cold. Zhou Yuelong won another game at 78:35, and the big score came to 2:0.

In the third game, Zhou Yuelong found a continuous breakup, and Hawkins was always suppressed. Zhou Yuelong scored 75 points on a single stroke, 101:5 to take another round, the score advantage expanded to 3:0. In the fourth game, Zhou Yuelong continued to exert force, and Hawkins fell to the freezing point. Zhou Yuelong gave another 78 points in a single stroke and won 78:0. The big score came to 4:0 and took the lead to get the match point.

In the fifth game, after returning from the break, Hawkins, who had no way out, saved the match point with 83:9, and the big score was 4:1. In the sixth game, in the tug of war, Hawkins saved the second match point with 66:36 and the big score was 4:2.

In the seventh inning, Zhou Yuelong took the lead in scoring and scored 113 points on a single stroke. The total score was 5:2 and advanced strongly. (Finish)

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