Beijing Snooker Ranking Tournament ends billiards player Cai Jianzhong 4-1 bursts Zhang Kai to win the championship

Xingpai pool table. The final battle of the 2019 “AIM Cup” Beijing Snooker Ranking Tournament started at 14:00 on June 25. Two veterans, Cai Jianzhong and Zhang Kai, had their outstanding performances all the way through. Two people with stories met in the finals of this historic event. In the end, Cai Jianzhong defeated Zhang Kai 4-1 to win the championship. After 9 years in the Beijing Ranking Tournament, he returned to its championship again.

Cai Jianzhong’s previous performance was terrifying. Since the 8-in-4 game, there have been a total of 5 strokes of 50+ and 1 stroke of 100. In the semifinals, Mr. Cai even hit a 91% hit rate and an average shot time of 11 seconds.

Like O’Sullivan possessing his body, it took only 69 minutes to seal his student Geng Mingqi. Zhang Kai, the champion of snooker, nine-ball, and Chinese billiards, also performed well, winning streak against veterans such as Guo Hua and Tian Wenshun in the semifinals.

4-1 crushed the teenager Wang Zepeng into the final. As Beijing players who have been in the professional arena for many years, the two have played against each other before. This time when they met in the final, they felt quite “old enemies”.

At the beginning of the game, Cai Jianzhong still maintained a high long-range shooting rate. In the first game, Cai Jianzhong scored 106 points several times to seal the victory. In the second game, Zhang Kai took the lead and scored 47 points first; Cai Jianzhong cleared the table with a single stroke of 55 points, with a total score of 56-47 and won another game!

Affected by the double match in one day, the energy of the two veterans has declined. The accuracy of the next two games is not as brave as the afternoon game. After the game, Zhang Kai, who was already 50 years old and suffering from a herniated lumbar disc, admitted frankly that he was no longer adequate in energy.

Years: “Snooker must be very focused to play. To be focused, you must be energetic, like our old age is worse. There are some balls to the back, force and move, so I don’t bother to think about it. Now.” Nevertheless,

Brother Kai still maintained a tenacious posture and won the third game 53-20. At the beginning of the fourth game, Zhang Kai missed the long platform. Cai Jianzhong also failed to continue the offensive. After the fierce battle, Cai Jianzhong won the match point 70-20.

In the fifth round, Zhang Kai scored 27 points first, and Cai Jianzhong replied with 40 points. The balls on the table decreased, and Cai Jianzhong 55-40 took the lead. At this time, there were only four brown, blue, pink and black balls on the table.

Ball, Zhang Kaishang has the power to fight. At the critical moment, Cai Jianzhong first scored an over-point with a wide-angle brown ball from far away, and then an arrow from far away! Cai Jianzhong won the game 64-40 and defeated Zhang Kai 4-1 with a total score of 4-1.

Championship! The crowd burst into applause, and the Beijing Snooker Ranking Tournament once again welcomed its own champion after 9 years!

After winning the championship, Cai Jianzhong admitted frankly that he did not expect to win the championship before the game. “This competition is also hoping to organize the Beijing snooker competition through the efforts of all parties, so that more fans can have the opportunity to participate in the competition.

In the game. As for winning the championship, Cai Jianzhong admitted that he did not expect it, but after all he had prepared for the game before. “The opponents in the finals understand both sides and are more relaxed than in the semifinals. Both of us are very old and can be

Meeting in the game is a good fate. In the competition, everyone is striving to win. As for who can win, I might have better luck.”

The awarding session was carried out in a warm atmosphere. Cai Jianzhong scored the highest score in a single stroke of this tournament with a 105 single stroke in the semi-finals. Former Secretary-General of China Billiards Association Tang Fengxiang, Director of Snooker Tournament of China Billiards Association

Ni Hao issued certificates and bonuses to Cai Jianzhong. The championship trophy was moved out by Guan Yanrong, president of Beijing Billiards Association, and Zhang Huanzhi, secretary general of Beijing Sports Foundation. Secretary-General of Beijing Billiards Association Lai Congbing, Deputy of Beijing Billiards Association

President Guo Fei presented the award to the runner-up Zhang Kai. Geng Mingqi defeated Wang Zepeng 3-1 to win the third place in this tournament. Deputy Secretary-General Lu Su of Beijing Billiards Association and Deputy Secretary-General Shi Lei of Beijing Billiards Association presented him with trophies, certificates and prizes.

AIM, Xinrui Billiards Academy, Shenzhen Super Vision Technology Co., Ltd., Shujian Junmu Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Hongtong Sports, Wayao Head Club, Kai Brand Club, YCPOWER and other sponsors, China Sports, CCTV Microvision Media units such as Billiards Gang, Billiards Not Nao Teng were awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award of this tournament.

At the end of the awards session, He Baoying and Guo Hua, two veterans, brought the special gifts of the China Snooker Association for the winners and runners-up Cai Jianzhong and Guo Hua: two wreaths symbolizing victory. Affectionate gift,

The ups and downs of the event deeply interpret the meaning of “veterans do not die”. The new stars of Chinese snooker are constantly rising, but the veterans of Chinese snooker have never withdrawn from the stage of history. They are still glowing in every corner of Chinese billiards.

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