Chinese billiards Shanxi qualifier ends

On April 22, 2012, the 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station Shanxi Qualifying Tournament, hosted by Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. hosted by the China Billiards Association, came to an end today in Datong Party Bar Xingpai Billiards Club. In the end, the post-90s guy from Inner Mongolia Chao Lumen defeated the famous general Wang Xiaoqian to win the championship.

As the qualifying area of ​​the Henan Station of the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, this station attracted a total of 64 people from Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing and other places to register for the competition, of which Shanxi local players accounted for more than half. According to the rules of the game, 64 players will be in a group of 8 players in a group double-loss elimination round. The winners and losers of each group form the top 16 list. After that, the players will be caught in the single elimination and elimination rounds. The players who finally enter the top 8 can Obtain the corresponding points and the qualification to participate in the Henan Station Race.

The 8 players who advanced to Henan Station

After fierce competition in the previous rounds, Li Tiegang, Wang Xiaoqian, Xi Hongyu, Chaolumen, Zhang Tiegang, He Wenlong, Shi Changshan, and Qiao Fengwei successfully entered the top 8 and won tickets for the Henan Railway Station. Surprisingly, although Shanxi players accounted for more than half of the applicants, only He Wenlong, a local player, was the finalist.

The second encounter, Wang Xiaoqian turned defeat into victory

After the 8-in-4 match, Wang Xiaoqian, Qiao Fengwei, Li Tiegang and Chao Lumen defeated their opponents to enter the semi-finals. In the group double knockout stage, Wang Xiaoqian lost to Qiao Fengwei and fell into the losing team. Whether Wang Xiaoqian met in the semi-finals was suspenseful in revenge, and the master-disciple battle between Li Tiegang and Chao Lumen also attracted the attention of many fans. Strong dialogue, the game was extremely tense, and the scores of the two semi-finals were very stalemate. In the end, when Wang Xiaoqian fell behind in the deciding game, it was a fight for himself, and Chao Lumen also passed the deciding game. After the game, Wang Xiaoqian sighed with relief: “I really did it. I was forced to fight with him.”

After dealing with a few difficult balls in the final game, Wang Xiaoqian failed to score the last color ball

Summary Wang Xiaoqian’s promotion path seems to be a counterattack when he is behind, and the final is no exception. When the score came to 2-5 (7 in the final), Wang Xiaoqian began to catch up and drag the game into the decisive game. “Why do you always play the final game?” Wang Xiaoqian smiled helplessly at the reporter before the last game started. In the deciding game, Chaolumen made a mistake in a better situation, and Wang Xiaoqian played. After dealing with a few difficult balls, Wang Xiaoqian failed to score the last color ball. At this time, the pressure was all concentrated on Chao Lumen. The post-90s teenager took a deep breath, carefully observed the angle and position of each ball, and finally scored the No. 8 ball. The audience gave warm applause.

At this point, the 2012 National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Henan Station Qualifying Tournament Shanxi Division all ended, Shi Changshan, Zhang Tiegang, Xi Hongyu, He Wenlong tied for fifth place, Li Tiegang won the third place, third place won by Qiao Fengwei, Wang Xiaoqian won the second place, Chaolumen won the championship.

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