Masters Zhou Yuelong knocks out Hawkins and advances to the top 4

Xingpai pool table. In the early morning of the first round of the Snooker Masters, No. 2 seed Marco Williams lost Bingham 2-6. At this point, the first round of the tournament has six higher-ranking players eliminated. .

There were unexpected results in this championship. Although the top 16 in the world were all of great gods, there were some differences after all. However, after the first three days of the competition, the 6 top 8 players who played in the competition were actually only able to clear the game by Higgins alone. The results are indeed jaw-dropping.

Today’s match happened again with a result like that. Williams has been in a semi-retirement situation recently and has withdrawn from many competitions, but he is still an energy that cannot be ignored. Today, the enemy of Lao Ma is Bingham, and both players have gotten started in the first game. Bingham scored 50 points and took the initiative to get it 83-26.

Williams also scored 52 points in the second game and blocked his opponent zero. In the third game, Williams scored 85 points several times and once again let his opponent hang zero. However, the following game was completely controlled by Bingham. He pulled back one game at 72-5 and then scored 76, 86 and 54 points. After winning 5 games in a row, he won 6-2. It is worth mentioning that Williams also scored 5 points in the least one of these 5 games, and the rest all scored at least 20 points, but they could not be killed in one shot.

After winning, Bingham will face Karen Wilson in the quarter-finals.

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