The first day of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament was calm, Li Hewen and Xie Huijie easily advanced

On May 23, Beijing time, the 2012 “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament ended the first day of competition at the Gaogu Billiards Club in Zhengzhou. After the first round of competition, the top 32 men’s and women’s teams in this tournament have all been produced. The men’s team Wang Yan, Wang Peng, Li Hewen, Shi Xin and other famous players have successfully advanced. In the women’s team, Zhou Zining and Wu Mengmeng have also successfully passed the competition. The four national team members with a bye will also play tomorrow.

Today is the first round of the men’s wild card round. In this round, Li Hewen, Wang Yan and Xie Huijie all won because their opponents abstained and went straight to the first round. In this round, Wu Hao lost to Wen Tiejun by a big score of 1 to 5 and missed the top 64.

In the first round of the match, the national team player Li Hewen played first, and his opponent was Zhang Yanfei. At the beginning of the game, Zhang Yanfei was not frightened by the opponent’s reputation. Instead, he steadily moved forward at his own pace and quickly took the lead with a score of 3-1. After that, Li Hewen adjusted his state in time and never gave his opponent a chance again. , And finally won 5 to 3 to advance to the top 32. Also playing at the same time was the famous player Qiu Paomou. The match between him and Li Yong was quite stale. After the score came to the deciding game, Qiu Paomou had a chance to win by one shot, but he drank bitterness on the final No. 8 ball. Li Yong cleared the table smoothly and advanced 5 to 4 thrillingly.

Today’s game is a five-grab format, and many games have deciding games. This performance from the other side appears to be relatively close to everyone’s level. Famous general Chen Qiang defeated Dai Yong 5 to 4, Wei Liang 5 to 4 Zhang Tiegang, Zhang Kun 5 to 4 Wang Chuntao, Guo Wei 5 to 4 Li Tiegang, Bai Long 5 to 4 Liu Yong, Chen Lei 5 to 4 Ding Ning, basically everyone was in the game. You can’t make any mistakes, or you can only swallow the bitter fruit of failure.

One of the highlights of today’s first round is the appearance of Chinese Dutch player Xie Huijie. Although he has only played Chinese billiards once, Xie Huijie, who once played snooker, has performed quite well today. In the match against Wang Yu, although he was slightly nervous at the beginning, Xie Huijie still showed a very high level of accuracy. After successfully taking advantage of the opponent’s mistakes to score the first point, Xie Huijie played steadily and finally went 5-0. Sweep your opponents and get your first victory in the Chinese billiards arena. In the second round tomorrow, Xie Huijie will face Bailong from Hebei, which is another challenge for him.

Compared to the men’s competition, the women’s competition looks calmer. Famous players such as Wu Mengmeng, Cong Jing and Zhou Zining all defeated their opponents 3-0 to qualify. In tomorrow’s game, the four national team players Han Yu, Zhou Doudou, Fu Xiaofang and Liu Shasha will all play. Among them, Fu Xiaofang vs. Baige and Han Yu vs. Wu Mengmeng will be more interesting.

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