Chinese Classic semifinals Yang Fan Shi Hanqing Chen Siming out of the game

The 2016 CBSA “Shanda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic entered the semi-final day. The two champions Yang Fan and Shi Hanqing fell off the horse and failed to enter the final. World Championship champion Chen Siming was knocked out 9:8 by the teenager Shi Tianqi after winning 7 match points. In the end, men’s Zhang Kunpeng and Liu Chuang entered the finals, while women’s Shi Tianqi and Zhang Xiaotong will compete for tomorrow’s women’s championship.

After experiencing yesterday’s derby battle with Li Hewen, Bald Qiang faced the strong opponent Chu Bingjie of the national team today. The two had a victory and defeat at the opening. The game was once tied at 5:5. After the mid-game, Yang Fan began to exert his strength and 11: 6 Eliminated Chu Bingjie out of the top four and joined Zhang Kunpeng, Xiao Liu Chuang, and Shi Hanqing to enter the top four.

Xiao Liu Chuang and Shi Hanqing, the pair of snooker players who turned into Chinese billiards, seem to be particularly fate. The last time they met, it was a penalty kick. This time the two also tied 9:9, the game was very stalemate, and in the end Liu Chuang won two consecutive sets to enter the final. In the other semi-final, Zhang Kunpeng lost to Zhang Kunpeng and failed to enter the final. Tomorrow’s final will be between Liu Chuang and Zhang Kunpeng.

Women’s semi-finals, Shi Tianqi against all-around player Chen Siming, Jing Siya against Zhang Xiaotong. The national team player Chen Siming didn’t show any sympathy for the post-00 teenager, and he won the match point directly at 8:2 at the opening. The game seemed to end without any suspense, thinking that Chen Siming won the game and entered the final. However, a magical situation happened. Shi Tianqi didn’t mean to give up at all. He caught up with each other and won 7 games in a row. He even knocked out Chen Siming 9:8 and entered the finals. This ball will undoubtedly become the most classic comeback of this China Classic.

In the other women’s semi-finals, Jing Siya played against Zhang Xiaotong. Jing Siya and his father Jing Yao Xueqiu, who were both players, participated in the Chinese Classic at the same time. But his father was eliminated early and his daughter Jing Si Ya entered the semi-finals. Perhaps it was her father’s expectations that became the pressure. Jing Siya started the game as normal today and started to make mistakes in the late game, giving Zhang Xiaotong a chance, and finally failed to make the semi-finals.

The women’s finals started at 13:00 on the 24th, and the men’s finals started at 18:00. stay tuned.

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