Cong Jing won the women’s championship in the national ranking competition: Master Wang Peng helped me a lot

On August 25, 2012, the CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Women’s Team Finals came to an end. After more than two hours of fierce battle, Liaoning player Cong Jing 11-5 defeated Yuhong to win the championship.

Unlike the semi-finals last night, Yu Hong did not perform very well in the finals today. In the first half of the game, Yu Hong was 1-7 behind Cong Jing, although he adjusted the score to 5-9, but facing the strength of his opponent, Yu Hong finally lost in the final and placed second.

Talking about the game after the game, Yu Hong said, “I didn’t play very well today. I didn’t have much form at the beginning. I didn’t find my rhythm. I played a little tight and didn’t let go.” Step by step from the first round of the race. In the finals, Yu Hong said that in fact, he did not play very well. “In the beginning, I didn’t find myself in a good state. Later I adjusted myself through the competition, but in the end I didn’t perform to my best level.”

After winning the championship, Cong Jing behaved very calmly. She first called her master Wang Peng. “I have been learning from Wang Peng for the past six months, and my master has been very helpful to me.” Summarizing this final, Cong Jing said, “Yu Hong made a few undesirable mistakes in the first half of the game and allowed me to seize the opportunity to expand the score advantage. Later, I played a little bit eagerly and asked the opponent to catch up for a few rounds. At this time, I called a timeout to calm myself down. After returning, I stabilized myself and finally won the game.” Talking about the opponent’s performance, Cong Jing said frankly that if Yu Hong played as well as the second half of the game, the difference between the two would not be so great.

After winning the championship of this station, Cong Jing will continue to practice with her master Wang Peng. In an interview, she also expressed her thoughts and wishes for the prospects of women players. “Thank you Xingpai for providing professional events for our women players. And it is a formal national ranking competition. With this competition, I believe that more women players will join this competition. As the number of players increases, more people will pay attention to us, and the level of women players will also be Improve quickly.”

While winning the women’s championship, Cong Jing received a bonus of 20,000 yuan. Regarding the distribution of the bonus, Cong Jing said, “I must give my mother a part first, and I will freely control the rest.”

Signature: Xingpai Billiards

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