The first qualifying round of the Chinese Billiards World Championship came to a perfect end, and 13 players “Broken Through” took the lead in the race!

On March 20th, the first round of the qualifying round of the 2018 CBSA “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship in China, Shangrao and Yushan, all ended. The men’s team Zhang Guanghao, Zhao Yunbiao, Zhang Daowei, Wang Yun, Liu Yang, Liu Hai, Zhang Lei, Li Hewen, Liu Junyan; the women’s team Wang Meiyu, Chen Xue, Gao Meng, and Bai Ge took the lead in the race.

In the morning game, Li Hewen played against Liu Chao. In the first four games, the two sides won each other and the score was 4-4. At the beginning of the fifth game, Li Hewen had an obvious advantage. However, Liu Chao pulled back the decline with a few beautiful defenses, and the big score surpassed 3-2. In the end, Li Hewen still relied on stability. His play accepted the game 7-3. In the noon game, Li Hewen encountered Chen Qiang, his adversary on the road to advancement. The two sides fought for a long time. In the end, Li Hewen won the key battle 7-5 and advanced into the race.

Zhang Guanghao, the “Prince of Explosive Qing”, continued yesterday’s hot feeling, and eliminated his strong enemies Li He and Chen Huqing 7-4 and 7-3. Zhang Lei, who defeated Shan Hongyu and others, knocked on the gate of the main match as they wished. Anhui teenager Zheng Xiaohuai is winning After Qiao Fengwei lost to Wang Yun 6-7, regrettably stopped. And Liu Junyan, a Heilongjiang player who lost to Zhao Yunbiao in the qualifying round, won the last qualifying spot in the first qualifying round with the best 9th place.

In the women’s group, the first championship white pigeon and Henan star Chen Xue both played 9 games with their opponents. In the end, Dou Xue and Wang Xiaotong joined hands to advance; the teenager Gao Meng, who won the third place in the 9-ball World Championship, is in good shape, 5 -2 overtake Jingjia and successfully entered the race; the last women’s group promotion place in the first game was won by Wang Meiyu.

According to the schedule, the second and final qualifying round of the domestic group of this competition was seamlessly connected at 15:45 on the 20th. Players who failed to qualify are still continuing to compete fiercely for the number of matches. The domestic group is complete. The list of promotion will be all produced on the 21st.

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