Allen’s first title in the Masters, Wilson missed the first three championships after 90s

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association In the early morning of January 22, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Masters ended at Alexandra Palace in London, England. In the first stage of the final, Mark Allen and Karen Wilson shared a 4-4 tie. In the second stage, Mark Allen gradually exerted his strength, blasting one stroke and breaking a hundred, winning 10-7 with a total score of 10-7. For the first time in his career, he won the championship in three major tournaments and won the championship prize of 200,000 pounds. Wilson passed the first three championships of the post-90s generation. In addition, Chinese player Liang Wenbo won the highest prize for a single stroke of 10,000 pounds.

Both sides have reached the final of the biggest invitational tournament for the first time. In the previous game, Mark Allen from Northern Ireland noticeably eliminated Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins, the two favorites. England’s post-90s Wilson won Mark Williams in the second round-that is to say, all three of the 75 winners fell in the hands of the finalists. In the semi-finals, Wilson trailed 2-5 for four consecutive games, reversed Trump 6-5 and became the first post-90s player to reach the finals of the Masters.

Before the two sides played against each other 9 times, Wilson had a slight advantage of 5 wins and 4 losses. In the three major tournaments, the two sides met in the top 16 of the 2016 World Championships, and Wilson had the last laugh 13-9. In addition, in the 2015 Shanghai Masters, Wilson has so far the only ranking title. In the semi-finals, he also stepped on Allen’s shoulder to ascend the championship, the score was one-sided 6-1. It can be expected that this contest will be very fierce.

The final will be conducted in two stages with a 10-win system of 19 rounds. Sure enough, the first stage was very stalemate, and the score between the two was tight. Wilson led twice in the first four games and Allen tied the score twice. After Allen won the fifth game for the first time. Wilson stepped up his offense, hitting 86 and 89 points in a single stroke, leading his opponent 4-3 again. In the eighth inning, Wilson had the opportunity to continue to expand his advantage, and made a single 52-point accident. Allen won the game 75-52, and the two sides finished the first eight games with a score of 4-4.

The game enters the second stage, and the two continue to chase me. Allen scored the 9th inning 65-43, Wilson rewritten the total score to 5-5 with 84 points in a single stroke. Allen responded with 73 points on a single stroke to close the 11th inning, and scored the first shot of the final with 119 points. After a 3-1 counterattack against Wilson, he led his opponent 7-5 in two games for the first time.

After the break, the two sides started the final battle. In the 12th game, Wilson’s turnovers increased, while Allen became more and more courageous. After Wilson made a mistake, Allen scored another 50 with a single stroke and the score reached 8-5.

In the 14th inning, Wilson finally recovered some of his hand, and single shot 73 points to avoid further widening the difference. In the 15th inning, Wilson was 49 points behind and recovered 47 points without saving the last red ball from the side library, and the offense was interrupted. Allen accidentally dropped the ball, Wilson 73-49 reduced the score to 7-8.

In the 16th inning, Wilson once again paid the price for a pole error. Allen scored 69 points in a single shot to win the match point 9-7. In the 17th inning, Wilson fought far and missed twice. Allen easily broke through from his pocket. He secured the victory with 71 points in a single stroke. The total score was 10-7. He won the championship for the first time in the Masters and was also the first three tournaments of his career. (World Championships, British Championships and Masters) titles. Wilson passed the first three championships of the post-90s generation.

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