Tournament Preview: World Championships Qualifying Tournament 11 national players play

Xingpai 2015 Snooker World Championship Qualifying Tournament will be held from April 8th to 15th. Among the 13 Chinese players competing in the professional arena, apart from Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun who directly entered the main tournament with the top 16 rankings, the remaining 11 players, including Liang Wenbo and Xiao Guodong, all have to pass three rounds of qualifying rounds to fight for Cruise Fort.

The competition system of this World Championships Qualifying Tournament has changed a lot compared to the past. The past World Championships qualifying rounds were based on a four-round system that progressed from low to high in the world rankings. Before the qualifying rounds, a number of amateur players will compete for “qualification to enter the qualifying rounds” through qualifiers. This year the World Taiwan Federation reformed the qualifying game system and merged the qualifiers directly into the qualifying games. Except for the top 16 seeded players who directly qualified for the World Championships, the rest of the professional players and amateur players. 128 people were reorganized, and through three rounds, 16 shortlisted candidates were decided.

Chinese players, Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun directly entered the main match, and 11 people including Liang Wenbo and Xiao Guodong will participate in the qualifying contest. Michael White, who won the championship in India and became the first post-90s to win a major ranking tournament, was originally ranked 16th in the world, but the ranking was frozen at 13th due to “Captain” Carter’s application for protection. Michael White only To be the No. 17 seed and the highest ranked player in the qualifying rounds, Milkins, Mark Davis and Dortmund are close behind.

According to the signing, the Chinese player Liang Wenbo, who is ranked the highest in the qualifying round, will face Chris Noble in the first round, and may have a civil war with Zhou Yuelong in the second round. The latter’s opponent in the first round is Zach Xiruoti. If you continue to move forward, Liang Wenbo is expected to compete with Zhang Anda to qualify for the race. Of course, the latter will have to pass Hamilton and Mark Joyce first.

Another Chinese player, Xiao Guodong, who is expected to enter the race, will meet Hayfield, Jimmy Robertson or Thailand’s Tanawat on the way to qualify. Tian Pengfei faced black golfer McLeod in the first round, and Jimmy Jones in the second round. The potential opponent in the third round was Gould the Spectacle or Drago the Fast Gunner in Malta.

Cao Yupeng’s opponent in the first round was Rose Muir, in the second round he faced McGill, and in the third round he faced Mark King. Yu Delu’s first-round opponent, Bran Carter, was relatively weak. In the second round, he faced Mike Dunn. If he wants to make it to the main game, he may have to challenge former World Championship champion Dort. Lu Ning and Li Xing are expected to play against each other in the third round, but Lu Ning will meet Mo Wang Alberton in the first round, which is not small compared to Li Xing. Rookie Lu Haotian faced Padgett in the first round. In the second round he faced Scottish veteran Mike Manus. In the third round he might face Gerald Green. Lu Chenwei faced Celtic in the first round, and may face Jimmy White in the second round.

In addition to the Chinese player, Renee Evans, the 10th champion of the Women’s World Championships, also qualified for the World Championships. She will challenge the former Irish World Championship champion Dahdi in the first round. Six-time World Championship champion Steve Davis and sixth-time World Championship runner-up Jimmy White will also make their debut. Among them, Steve Davis played against Kopp in the first round, and Jimmy White’s first opponent was Thailand. Wattana.

All rounds of the World Championships Qualifying Tournament, the same as the first round of the main game, adopts a 19-game 10-win system. After the qualifying round, the 16 players who qualify for the main match will be randomly drawn to determine their first round matchups with the seeded players.

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