National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Inner Mongolia Qualifying Tournament, 16 strong and powerful

The 2012 CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, Shenyang Station, Hohhot Qualifying Tournament has entered the second match day. After a day of double defeat in the group, the winners and losers of each group in 8 groups The winner of the qualifier was selected into the top 16. The 16 contestants held a single-loss draw tonight, and the signing of each contestant has been determined. Tomorrow, a list of six contestants selected for the Shenyang competition will be produced in this qualifying competition.

The only female player Liu Jiaqi who won the double-loss match in the group yesterday and was also the only female player to participate in this match, successfully advanced to the top 16 with 5:4 wins in today’s match. Liu Haitao still dominates the winning team, and the draw for the round of 16 is No. 16. Black 8 billiard club coach Zhang Shaozhong met with the formidable enemy De Lehei in the final match of the losing team, and stopped at the top of 16 at 1:5. Tomorrow at 13:00, the single-loss phase of this game will take place, and the top 16 will fight for the six seats to enter the main game.

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