O’Sullivan debuts at Shanghai Masters, wins in one day and double matches

On November 15, 2017, O’Sullivan made his debut in the Shanghai Masters, and the appearance of the countless fans of the teacher Huo caused quite a stir.

O’Sullivan just finished the final of the championship, before he had time to clear up the feeling of loss, he rushed to Shanghai non-stop. After a long flight, the jet lag needs to be adjusted, which worries many fans. However, O’Sullivan did not let everyone down. In a double match in one day, he maintained a full victory and successfully advanced to the top 16.

O’Sullivan faced Gary Wilson in the first round. In the first game, O’Sullivan had a bad offense at first, but then he scored 68 points on a single shot, won the next game and made a good start. In the second game, O’Sullivan had a 94-0 clean seal, leading 2-0. In the third game, O’Sullivan made a series of mistakes, and Wilson pulled it back 66-55. In the fourth game, O’Sullivan launched a strong attack and finally won 82-9. At this time, the score was 3-1. In the fifth game, O’Sullivan scored 144 points on a single stroke and once again zeroed opponents. In the sixth game, Wilson was not to be outdone and changed the score to 2-4. Then O’Sullivan won the seventh game 77-41, and finally defeated Wilson 5-2 to advance to the top 32.

In the evening, O’Sullivan again appeared on the stage to compete with veteran Joe Perry for the top 16 spot. Although O’Sullivan lost the first game in this game, O’Sullivan won all the next five games and had 4 zero opponents to easily advance to the top 16.

After the game, O’Sullivan said that he did not feel very tired, he enjoyed the game very much, which can be described as “tired and happy”. At the same time, he deeply felt the enthusiasm of the fans at the scene. He thanked the fans for their concern and thanked them for coming to help.

I hope that Mr. Huo’s good state will continue, and in the next game, it will bring us more unforgettable moments!

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