Ding Junhui beats Robertson in China finals 5 times in a single season

On the evening of April 6, Beijing time, the 2014 Snooker China Open decided the final champion. Ding Junhui defeated Robertson 10-5 to win the championship. This is also Ding Junhui’s fifth ranking championship this season.

In the first stage of the game at 2:30 pm, Ding Junhui took a 7-2 lead. In the fifth game, Ding Junhui scored 119 points and broke 100 points, but the lagging side Robertson also scored 102 points in the eighth game.

At the beginning of the second stage, Robertson seized the opportunity given by his opponent to take 50+ shots to get back a round. In the eleventh game thereafter, Robertson chose a safer way twice in the opening defense when he could see the red ball, which led to a misunderstanding of the ball, but for the third time he changed his strategy and chose the cue ball to sink to the bottom and finally succeeded. After that, Ding Junhui seized the opportunity to score 104 points in one stroke.

After another tangled defense in the twelfth inning, Robertson used several subtle defenses to make Ding Junhui make mistakes and get a chance to win. In the thirteenth game, Ding Junhui did not give his opponent any chance. He scored a 60+ shot twice, leading Robertson 9-4 and entering the halftime.

After returning from the intermission, Robertson, who was unwilling to lag behind, seized the opportunity in the fourteenth game to get a 50+ shot twice to save a match point. In the fifteenth game, the two sides fell into a deadlock after a series of defenses, and finally resumed. After the kick-off, Robertson made a defensive mistake to leave a chance for Ding Junhui, but the latter chose to defend after only 32 points. After that, Ding Junhui once again got the opportunity to seal the victory, and finally defeated Robertson 10-5 to win the 2014 Snooker China Open!

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