Chinese Billiards China Classic Zhang Xiaotong defeats Shi Tianqi to win three consecutive championships

The 2016 CBSA “Shanda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic entered the final day. The women’s final started at 13:00. Zhang Xiaotong from Liaoning defeated Shi Tianqi from Heilongjiang at 11:4 and won the third Chinese Billiards China Classic. The women’s championship, this is also her three consecutive years of winning the championship.

Today’s women’s final started at 13:00. In yesterday’s semifinal, the teenager Shi Tianqi staged a major reversal. After his opponent won 7 match points, he overtook the world champion Chen Siming and entered the final forcibly. Perhaps the semifinal was costly. “Gong Li” was too much, “Vitality” has not yet responded, Shi Tianqi has been unable to find the feel in the finals. Her opponent Zhang Xiaotong was not so thrilling along the way. It should be said that there were not many tough battles along the way. 7:2 Zheng Xiaochun; 7:2 Li Mengfan; 9:3 Yu Jinpeng; 9:6 Jing Siya; the final was 11:4 Defeat Shi Tianqi to win the championship.

In the post-match interview, Zhang Xiaotong said that he had a good signing and did not encounter particularly difficult games. Only his opponent Jing Siya put some pressure on him in the semi-finals yesterday. Shi Tianqi’s accuracy in the finals is very good, but he may be young and lack experience. For Zhang Xiaotong, a veteran who has won three consecutive championships in this event, his mentality and experience are impeccable, and he is expected to win the championship trophy successfully.

Zhang Xiaotong currently lives and practices in Dalian. Since there are relatively few high-intensity confrontations, she will go to more competitions and give herself more practical experience and experience. Zhang Xiaotong, who practices both Chinese and American styles, also admitted that he prefers Chinese billiards. After all, Chinese billiards are more popular in the Northeast, and American billiards are still very different in concept from Chinese billiards. After winning this championship, the Chinese and American women’s competitions are basically gone. Zhang Xiaotong is also preparing to go home for the New Year and prepare for the World Championships in the coming year.

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