Yan Bingtao strives to win Bingham’s goal after 2 years

After winning the 2015 World Championships champion Bingham 5 to 3, Yan Bingtao, who walked into the press conference hall, maintained a calm and composed expression as always. On the face of the 17-year-old, it seemed that he could not read about the outcome of the game. Information. He is such a child, mentally stable, although he thinks that his psychological quality needs to be strengthened. In addition to this, Yan Bingtao has another advantage-self-confidence. In the face of players who are better than himself, even world champions like Selby and Bingham, he will not be stage fright.

On August 16, the 2017 World Snooker China Championships kicked off at Guangzhou Sport University. In the first round, Yan Bingtao eliminated Bingham, leaving the latter out early. Looking back at the entire game, Yan Bingtao divided his performance into two stages. “I think in the first half, although I caught up to 2-2 after 0-2, I felt that I was a little tight and failed to play to my strengths. He has been restraining me. He has played with him many times before. He has a targeted strategy. I have been restrained from the first game. But after 2 to 2, I felt that I played much better than before. There is a lot of smoothness and luck. He didn’t play very well.”

As we all know, Bingham is strong, and any opponent will not underestimate him when he meets him. This late bloomer has a strong ability to seize opportunities. To defeat him, Yan Bingtao must play well. Before the game, Yan Bingtao analyzed the game, “I think I can play well. I have played with him many times. I think that as long as the opponent plays well, it will affect him.”

It was the first time I went to Guangzhou to compete. Yan Bingtao’s beautiful and delicious food made Yan Bingtao fall in love with the city. Even if he didn’t know who he would play in the next round, his belief remained the same. “For Maguire or Murphy, I I’m not very impressed. I especially like the environment of playing games in Guangzhou, so I hope I can play more games.”

Last night, Yan Bingtao slept well. After waking up today, he was in a good mood. “I was a little nervous. I only arrived in Guangzhou yesterday. I was very sleepy the whole day. I think I can sleep well because I am nervous and will not sleep well. Feeling.” Yan Bingtao was very relaxed after winning this game that consumed a lot of energy. “I want to sleep again when I go back. This game is very tiring.”

A reporter asked Yan Bingtao a question that seemed to be out of reach now, “Do you think you have the strength to win the ranking tournament now?” The 17-year-old answered very honestly, without idioms, and no praise. Boasting complacency, “I think I have this strength, but I am still far from the championship, and I still need to do a lot. Those who can win the championship will perform perfectly in the game, so I think I have shortcomings, including psychological And experience, there will be great difficulties, but I believe I have the opportunity to do it.”

In Yan Bingtao’s view, my main goal now is not to win the ranking championship. “I don’t think about ranking championships yet. What I want to do now is to improve my ranking as much as possible this year and next year. The goal I set for myself is Two years later…” He didn’t say everything completely, but this great ambition has taken shape in his heart.

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