Ningbo PRC Cup Chinese Billiards 10,000 Yuan Grand Prix Classic

1. Organizer: Ningbo PRC Private Billiards Club

2. Organizer: Ningbo PRC Private Billiards Club

3. Title sponsor: Ningbo PRC Private Billiards Club

4. Supporting unit: Xingpai Billiards in Zhejiang Branch

5. Media support: Billiards Vision My147

6. Designated equipment: Xingpai Chinese pool table

7. Competition item: Chinese billiards

8. Competition funds:

1. Each contestant needs to pay a registration fee of 50 yuan.

2. Athletes who are eliminated in the first round can register for the second time, and the registration fee is 30 yuan per person. The second registration is only limited to the first round of competition, and the loser pays the table fee.

3. Participants should pay all their own expenses;

4. The round-trip transportation, board and lodging expenses, and subsidies of staff and referees shall be borne by the competition.

9. Registration method and deadline:

1. All billiards enthusiasts can sign up voluntarily (no age or gender limit).

2. Registration time: November 18, 2012-December 21, 2012 afternoon, December 22-December 23 is the main race.

10. Event consultation and registration:

Please draw lots on time at 14:00 on Friday, December 21, 2012.

Competition location:

PRC Private Billiards Club

Address: No. 666, Minghui International, Jinyu Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City.

Telephone: 0574-88108002

Contact: Xu Guang 13819812617

Contact: Cheng An 15158301309

Xingpai Billiards in Zhejiang Branch

Address: 4-301, No. 137 Yuchang Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Landline: 0571-1061258782

Contact: Chen Xiao

Telephone: 13456832333

Competition location:

No.666 Jinyu Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, at the intersection of Jinyu Road and Siming Middle Road (PRC Private Billiards Club).

11. Competition rules:

1. Adopt the Chinese eight-ball national standard rules, double-loss handicap match, men’s highest grab is 9 and lowest grab is 5, (women’s highest grab is 7 and lowest grab is 3.) 2. According to the number of participants on site, the chief referee determines the number of grabs.

3. Contestants need to wear the logo badge provided by the club.

4. The registration fee is 50 yuan (the losing party pays the Taiwan fee), and there is no limit to the qualifications.

12. Bonus distribution: champion 10,000 yuan cash + trophy + certificate

Runner-up 5000 yuan cash + trophy + certificate

Second runner-up 2000 yuan cash + trophy + certificate

4-8 people 500 yuan cash + 500 yuan recharge card

9-16 people 200 yuan cash + 200 recharge card

13. Competition requirements:

1. Obey the rules of the competition, obey the arrangements of the competition, and respect the referee;

2. 10 minutes before the start of each round, contestants need to check in at the check-in office. After the chief referee announces the start of the game, a player who has not been present for 5 minutes shall be deemed to have lost a game; a player who has not been present for 10 minutes shall be deemed to have abstained;

3. Those who are dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee on duty can appeal to the executive referee, deputy chief referee, chief referee, and arbitration committee level by level, but the appeal must be submitted before the next stroke of the two players after the penalty is awarded, otherwise it will not be accepted;

4. Smoking is prohibited in the competition venue, and contestants are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the competition venue;

5. Contestants must wear formal clothing during the competition, such as long-sleeved shirts, black trousers, and dark leather shoes. There will be other dressing arrangements in accordance with the rules of the competition;

6. It is not allowed to participate in other commercial events and publicity activities during the competition without permission;

7. During the competition, alcoholism and any form of gambling are strictly prohibited;

8. Players are strictly prohibited from wearing accessories to participate in the competition. Wearing commercial logos must be approved by the competition organizing committee, and must apply to the competition organizing committee for filing 15 working days before the start of the competition. The competition organizing committee has the right to determine the referees and contestants during the competition. The content and form of the former logo;

9. The chest badge issued by the organizer should be kept properly until the award is completed; the star badge is worn on the right chest or left arm, and the title badge is worn on the left chest;

10. Any behavior that violates laws and disciplines and violates morals and ethics is strictly prohibited;

11. Those who violate the above requirements will be disqualified from the competition.

The right to interpret the game belongs to the PRC Private Billiards Club

Signature: Star Billiards

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