Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Han Yu Liu Shasha stops in the top 8 Zhou Doudou reverses and advances

On May 25th, Beijing time, the first “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament ended the third day of competition at the Gaogu Billiards Club in Zhengzhou. In the women’s competition that just ended, Zhou Doudou, Baige, Zhang Xiaotong and Wang Yingchao successfully reached the semi-finals to be held tomorrow.

The main table game was played by Zhou Doudou against Yu Hong. In the first game, Zhou Doudou successfully used the opportunity of defending to get the ball in his hand and cleared the table to get a 1-0 lead. Zhou Doudou then successfully jumped off the No. 8 ball to rewrite the score to 3 to 1. At this time, Yu Hong called for a timeout. After the break, Yu Hong gradually recovered the score and got the match point 4 to 3. In the 8th game, Yu Hongben had a chance to win the game, but he made a mistake on the last No. 8 ball. Zhou Doudou tenaciously chased the score to a 4-4 tie. In the crucial 9th ​​game, Yu Hong’s rushing ball didn’t have any ball pockets. Although Zhou Doudou could not clear the table with one stroke, he still firmly grasped the situation on the field and finally succeeded in winning the semi-finals. In another match, Liu Shasha accidentally lost to Zhang Xiaotong with a score of 3 to 5 and missed the semifinals.

In the other half of the game, Han Yu played against Wang Premier League. Since Wang Yingchao came to the game later, this game will be played later than other games. In the opening stage, Han Yu did a good job on his own rushing end, and he also completed a rush to clear the table. Basically, he was in an active position on the scene. After halftime, Han Yu led 3-2. However, afterwards, Han Yu had some problems on the offensive end, while Wang Yingchao maintained a stable performance and finally won 5 to 3 to advance to the semi-finals. In the other race, the white pigeon was always in the lead against Liu Qingqing and finally won 5-3.

On May 26, Beijing time, the current “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament will continue. The men’s quarter-finals will be played first, with Yu Ting vs. Li Hewen, Chen Qiang vs. Zhang Jin, Wang Yan vs. Bai Long, and Wang Peng vs. Zhang Bo; the women’s team will compete in the semi-finals, with Zhou Doudou vs. Zhang Xiaotong. , The White Dove vs. Wang Premier League.

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