Wild Leopard professional billiard cue swept the national Chinese billiards ranking competition

The 2012 CBSA “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is in full swing. The masters from all over the country have shown their magical powers. The competition is both intense and pleasing to the eye, making Shencheng fans a real addiction. At the same time, outside the game, The wild leopard high-end professional cue launched by Hebei Geli Billiard Cue Factory also opened the eyes of fans.

The Wild Leopard professional cue is the latest high-end club of Goli. The hardness and flexibility of the club are second to none on the market. The front part of the wild leopard club is made of high-quality pewter, and the back is made of high-quality ebony, rosewood, etc. The precious woods, and more importantly, the wild leopard clubs are more refined in material matching, so that the front and rear of the club have the same hardness, making the club more comfortable, smooth and stable in use.

It is precisely based on the excellent quality of the wild leopard club that its products have been well received by professional players once they were launched. In this National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in Liaoning, Goli, as an important partner of Xingpai and the designated rod supplier for the competition, also demonstrated on the spot. In just a few days, almost all the players came to Yebao Jiang Yi, the host of the famous CCTV Sports Channel, also came to visit the show.

After being tested and tested by a large number of famous Chinese billiards such as Shi Xin, Zheng Yubo, Chen Qiang, etc., the excellent quality of the wild leopard professional cue has been unanimously praised by all the players on the court. Following the trend, the dozens of clubs used for display have a tendency to be divided up almost instantly. Considering the next few days of the game, in desperation, Mr. Chen Qifu, the sales manager of Goli manufacturer, had to adopt The way of customization promises to customize the best quality and suitable clubs for you in the shortest time, and deliver them to each booker by mail.

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