Shanghai game Yuan Sijun reverses Murphy and enters the race with Fu Jiajun, four out

News from the official website of the China Billiards Association. On the second day of the 2017 Snooker Shanghai Masters Qualifying Tournament, four more Chinese players were shortlisted for the main event, namely Fu Jiajun, Yuan Sijun, Li Yuan and Lu Haotian, and Li Xing, Tian Pengfei, Zhang Anda and Zhao Xintong. 4 people were unfortunately out.

Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun’s opponent is Thai rookie Koyatikun, who won the first 60 points in a single stroke. Fu Jiajun, currently ranked No. 6 in the world, played the style of the winner of three ranking competitions, and the competition entered the time of Fu Jiajun at full speed. Fu Jiajun scored 72 points, 70 points, 126 points, 99 points and 68 points in a single stroke, with a total score of 5-1 and a strong victory over the opponent.

This season, the post-00 teenager Yuan Sijun, who has just turned professional this season, is eye-catching. He played against Murphy, ranked No. 5 in the world, and both scored very beautiful single shots. Murphy completed a 100-shot and three-shot 60+, Yuan Sijun also had a good performance of a 100-shot and two-shot 60+. The team that won in the end was a professional novice rather than a grand slam player. Yuan Sijun won three games in a row under the crisis of being 2-4 behind and his opponent got the match point, and thrilled to reverse the “Magic” 5-4, so that after the European Masters, the second time after the European Masters, bravely entered the main competition of the major rankings.

Li Yuan, who also turned professional this season, also performed bravely and swept England veteran Mike Dunn 5-0. In just five games, he has made 66, 51, 68, 54 and 68 points in a single stroke. .

Lu Haotian, who returned to his career this year, also won the 46-year-old veteran Hamilton with a strong score of 5-0. In addition to his only 66-61 victory in the first game, he played smoothly in the other four games and scored 82 points and 119 consecutive single shots. With points, 51 points and 68 points, the 19-year-old will make this year’s German Masters champion helpless.

The other 4 people were unfortunately eliminated. Not long ago, Li Xing, who broke into the top four in the China Championships and set a new professional high, lost 2-5 to Cyprus player George Ou, who scored 140 points in the third game. Tian Pengfei 4-5 defeated Astley. In the Indian Open, Zhang Anda, who reached a personal high in the top 8 at the Indian Open, broke the 100 with two shots in the game of the day. However, after winning the match point 4-2, he stopped and was finally reversed by Joyce 4-5. Shaanxi teenager Zhao Xintong lost 2-5 to the 2015 China Open runner-up Gary Wilson. The Chinese players who are out will not be eligible for the Shanghai Masters Main Event to be held in Shanghai from November 13th to 18th.

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