Xingpai Li tops China’s top snooker competition

On April 5, 2015, the Snooker China Open ended successfully with the attention of hundreds of millions of fans. Snooker star Mark Selby won the China Open for the first time. The most interesting thing in this competition is undoubtedly the biggest dark horse, Wilson, who won the runner-up of this competition. Looking back at the 2015 Snooker China Open, Wilson passed through all the way and finally defeated the championship seeded player Ding Junhui, and joined Selby in the final. Although he only finished runner-up in the end, Wilson was still very satisfied with the results achieved in this competition. In an interview with reporters after the game, Wilson said that this tournament is the best game he has ever played and the best table he has ever played. The reason why he can play so well is to thank the tournament organizing committee for giving himself Provided such good competition conditions, and we must thank the organizing committee for providing such a good game table. Playing on such a high-standard and high-quality game table, it is bound to be able to play to the highest level. After the game, the championship and Asian seasons of the current Open highly praised and recognized the high-quality tables of the competition. They believed that the star tables of this competition were perfect and impeccable in any respect, so they Only by being able to play their best results, it is impossible to play such results without such a good table.

Speaking of the Snooker China Open, it has been more than 10 years. In these 10 years, the most worth mentioning is the game table “Star Table”. Xingpai has developed into a well-known brand in the world’s billiards manufacturing industry after 30 years. Perhaps only Xingpai talents can truly appreciate the bitterness and difficulty it took. However, it is precisely because of their efforts that Xingpai succeeded in the end. It was made by Xingpai. The table has become the designated table for all major events in the world, and has truly become a leading enterprise in the billiard industry.

Since Snooker entered China in 2005, Xingpai has provided a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to support this event. So far, Xingpai has continued to support Chinese snooker events. Xingpai provides the top game table, allowing more world-class players to stage wonderful games one after another on the best game table, allowing more fans to feast their eyes on. China’s billiards are inseparable from Xingpai, and Xingpai is also willing to make its own contributions to the development of China’s billiards industry.

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