Scotland match Ding Junhui two breaks out of 100, Xiao Guodong and Cao Yupeng advance to the top 8

At the 2017 Snooker Scottish Open, popular candidates including the snoozing O’Sullivan continued to advance. However, for Chinese players, this is a relatively cold day. Ding Junhui scored 135, 73, and 122 points in a single shot, but still lost 3-4 to McLeod, ranked 56th in the world, and stopped in the top 32. Followed by the post-00 teenager Yan Bingtao who has recently seized a lot of the limelight. In the end, Xiao Guodong joined hands with Mr. 147 and Cao Yupeng to break into the top 8 and defend the dignity of the Chinese Army.


Before the Scottish Open, Ding Junhui only participated in 5 of the 11 races and won a championship trophy, and he won only two of the other four races. Coming to Glasgow with such ups and downs, Ding Junhui’s prospects are indeed not optimistic. Although he won 4-2 in the first two rounds, he was stumbling like this in front of an average opponent, showing signs of failure.

This year, the 46-year-old McLeod has not many bright spots in his career. In the first 11 ranked matches this season, he only won one victory. The Scottish Open is his farthest in the past two seasons. Objectively speaking, Ding Junhui’s overall performance that day was not bad, but he eventually paid the price for the slow heat. McLeod took the lead in the game to lead 2-0, during the second game he scored 86 points. In the third game, Ding Junhui blasted a single shot with 135 points to turn the tide. McLeod took the lead with 96 points to win the match point 3-1.

Ding Junhui cheered up, finished 73 points and 122 points in a single stroke cleanly, and dragged the game into the decisive game in one fell swoop after two consecutive match points. Ding Junhui failed to grasp the key opportunity in the deciding game, 49-58 lost the game, the total score was lost 3-4, and was eliminated.

The young post-00 player Yan Bingtao, who has been gaining momentum recently, also slowed down. In the third round of the day, he lost 3-4 to Maguire, a native of Scotland. Zhang Anda lost 3-4 to David Grace, and the two stopped with Ding Junhui.

Pro rookie Xu Si eliminated Steadman 4-2 on the same day, and then lost to Maguire 1-4 and missed the quarterfinals.

Defending champion Fu Jiajun broke the 100 twice in the third round of the derby, with a four-shot 50+, 4-3 victory over Sichuan teenager Zhou Yuelong. In another civil war in the 1/8 finals, he lost 3-4 to Chongqing player Xiao Guodong.

Joining Xiao Guodong in the top 8 was Mr. 147 Cao Yupeng, who defeated Daniel Wales 4-3 in the game of the day and then swept Tom Ford 4-0. In the quarter-finals, Xiao Guodong will face Neil Robertson and Cao Yupeng will face Wharton.

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