Masters O’Sullivan loses 1-6 to the three big game nemesis and misses the 8th crown

On the evening of January 18th, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Masters entered the second round of competition. Defending champion O’Sullivan failed to continue the hot touch of the previous game. He lost 1-6 to the three big game star Mark Allen and stopped early in the quarterfinals.


Looking back at the first round, O’Sullivan started the defending journey with a near-perfect performance. In the first four games, he let Fu Jiajun miss a goal, and if no one hits a three-shot to break 100, he actively scored 477 points in a row, almost breaking the historical record of 556 points set by him in the 2014 Masters. In the end, he won a good start with 6-0.

Mark Allen eliminated the Belgian star Brecher who made his debut in the Masters 6-3 in the first round. The two played only 6 times in their careers, O’Sullivan 4 wins and 2 losses held a clear advantage. However, it cannot be ignored that the two wins Allen have won belong to the three major tournament series. They are the top 16 of the 2009 World Championships-Allen 13-11 eliminated O’Sullivan, and the top 16 of the 2011 Masters-Allen 6-4 had the last laugh.

In this meeting, Allen once again played the role of O’Sullivan’s three big game busters. The Rockets with a nearly 100% success rate of batting in the last round disappeared, and they made a series of mistakes after winning the first game with 75 points in a single shot. On the other hand, Allen is like a “Rocket” possession, with 65 points, 115 points, 85 points and 81 points in a single stroke, leading by 4-1. In the second to fourth innings, O’Sullivan scored only 18 points in total, and suffered two zero seals during the period.

In the sixth game, Allen’s offensive momentum slowed down, but O’Sullivan didn’t feel better. Allen had just over 2 points to play snooker, the Rockets simply gave up the game, so Allen had a 5-1 hand. Put the match point.

In the seventh game, O’Sullivan, whose life was hanging by the line, found a far station and made a decisive shot. However, he quickly lost a black ball in a hand fight. Strangely, Allen made the same mistake. O’Sullivan still failed to seize the opportunity, and the game scored 35-1 and COSCO lost its standard. While Allen’s offensive was precise, his defense was also perfect, chasing a 31-35 snooker and O’Sullivan sent a free kick. However, Allen was in constant condition in this game and missed the last red ball in the bag. Unfortunately, O’Sullivan feels too amateurish today, and he exposed the bag in front of Allen with a remote error. This time Allen no longer refused to accept the gift, so O’Sullivan lost to the three big gamers by a big score of 1-6. He stopped early in the second round and missed the eighth championship. Allen is the first to advance to the top 4 and will face the winners of Higgins and Ryan Day in the semifinals.

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