O’Sullivan wins the 31st crown of the British Championship for the sixth time and draws two legendary records

In the early morning of December 11th, Beijing time, the 2017 Snooker Championship ended at the Barbican Center in York, UK. In the first stage of the final, O’Sullivan and Murphy each scored a 100, 4-4 handshake. In the second stage, O’Sullivan added two more shots to break the 100, with a total score of 10-5 over Murphy, and for the sixth time he won the championship in the second competition, leading the championship prize of 170,000 pounds. With this championship, O’Sullivan ended the long-term record held by two legends-Steve Davis’s 6 British Championship records, and Hendry’s 18 three-game highest records. At the same time, this is also O’Sullivan’s 31st ranked championship in his career, getting closer and closer to Hendry’s 36 crown.


This year’s British Championships, when a large number of TOP16 seeds have been eliminated, the 7th seed O’Sullivan and the 5th seed Murphy fought to the end. In the semi-finals of the previous game day, O’Sullivan eliminated Maguire 6-4 in a single shot, while Murphy took down Ryan Day 6-3. The British Championships, which had been cold for most of the half of the game, were instantly hot at the last moment. Deflagration.

Before the two sides played 15 times, O’Sullivan had a clear advantage with 10 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie. But this is the first time the two have met in the finals of the three major tournaments, so the prospects are unpredictable. The final will be conducted in two stages with a 10-win system of 19 innings. In the first eight rounds of the first stage, the two of them were fully fired as soon as they came up. Once they got a chance, they couldn’t wait to open the situation in order to gain an advantage in the fastest time. In the first game, Murphy won the first round with 123 points in a single stroke, and O’Sullivan achieved a go-ahead with 62 and 103 points in a single stroke. In the 4th inning, O’Sullivan scored 62 points in one stroke. Murphy started chasing. Before hitting the winning black ball, a flying insect appeared at the mouth of the target bag. Murphy, with sharp-eyed eyes, asked the referee to drive away the uninvited guest. The magician scored the black ball 76-62 to win the game. The two entered the break 2-2.

In the 5th inning, O’Sullivan kicked off the ball and missed the far stage. Murphy made a decisive fight and only made a 6-point frame error. O’Sullivan leaned over to hit the ball and accidentally hit the red ball and had to return to his seat. O’Sullivan broke through Murphy’s perfect defense in the tug-of-war and won the game 72-39. Then O’Sullivan made another victory 57-48, leading Murphy 4-2 by two games.

Murphy single shot 69 points to restore the decline. O’Sullivan scored 52 points in a single stroke in the 8th inning. After Murphy got the opportunity, he scored 52 points in a single stroke and reversed a single inning. The two men shook hands 4-4 after the first stage.

After a three-hour break, the two sides started the second stage of the final competition. In the ninth game, Murphy, who was eager to win, made a mistake in his offensive. O’Sullivan scored 79 points on a single stroke cleanly, leading his opponent 5-4 again.

The two sides continued to fight, Murphy scored the 10th inning with 80 points on a single stroke, O’Sullivan replied with 104 and 76 points on a single stroke, and the Rockets entered the break with a 7-5 advantage.

The two competed in the final stage of the final. In the 13th game, Murphy lost a simple red ball. Obviously, this error was quite annoying to the magician. O’Sullivan did not have any softness. The 103 points cleared the table and the individual broke 100 in the third stroke of the final, and broke 100 in his 916th stroke in his career, and the score became 8-5.

In the 14th game, Murphy once again demonstrated his iconic far-field offense. As before, he once again made a simple error, this time it was a black ball with a pole. O’Sullivan took the open game, cleared the table with 86 single strokes, and got a lot of match points 9-5.

In the 15th inning, Murphy missed the ball and left O’Sullivan with a comfortable line. O’Sullivan scored 59 points and lost the ball. Murphy failed to seize the last chance and made a mistake again in the remote station. O’Sullivan secured the victory, defeating Murphy with a total score of 10-5, and won the title of the British Championship for the sixth time.

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