Hendry leads the British veteran race, wins the Kia Lions race with perfect score

The 2017 Snooker British Seniors Championship was staged in Redhill, UK from October 23 to 26, local time. The long-awaited “Billiard King” Hendry led 8 legendary veterans and 4 qualifier champions to show off their skills.


The veteran tour is an invitational tournament and is jointly promoted by Jason Francis of Snooker Legends and Billiard Emperor Hendry. There are four stations in the 2017/18 season, namely the World Seniors Championship, the British Seniors Championship, the Irish Seniors Masters and the Seniors Masters. Among them, the player who won the World Senior Championship will receive a precious pass to the professional snooker World Championship qualification this season.

Compared with serious professional snooker competitions, the veteran tournament brings a completely different visual impact. When the legendary veterans show their superb skills, they often don’t forget to entertain themselves, thus making the game more interesting. In terms of the competition system, the veteran tour is more flexible. At all stages, whether two wins in three rounds, three wins in five rounds, or four wins in seven rounds, the final round is determined by a black ball in a playoff. The “sudden death method” between the masters made the scene tense to suffocation. .

The British Seniors Championship is the first stop of the Seniors Tour this season. Before the race, there were four qualifying rounds for amateur veterans over 40 years old. Reese Dodd, Patrick Wallace, Gary Fitnes and Jonathan Bagley won the four qualifying rounds and broke into Race.

According to the schedule, the 5-8th seeds Taylor, Johnson, Norris, and Sam Benxian will face off against the four qualifier champions one-to-one, and the winner will then compete with the top four seeds Pallot, Hendry and Jimmy White. The quarter-final competition with Dahdi, the championship came on the evening of the 26th local time.

Judging from the entry list, the lineup of the British Seniors Championship is very luxurious, and the seed players all have world championship titles. Especially the seven-time world champion Hendry, since his retirement in 2012, fans have been calling for his comeback. Last season, the veteran World Championships, Hendry broke his silence and appeared on the court. Although he failed to return to the professional World Championships as everyone expected, the fans are pleased that the all-powerful billiard emperor has finally returned. This season, the veteran race has soared from the previous one to four. Can Hendry get back the feel through more competitions, so that he can regain his glory in the final World Elders Championship and return to the gram that brought him unlimited honor. Fort Russell is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this season’s veteran tour.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to winning the prize money, the player who completed 147 full points during the race will also have the opportunity to win a Kia Lions Kx4 car.

The Chinese veteran is also waiting for the long-lost good news. One of the eight qualifying rounds of the World Senior Championships this season is set in Beijing. By then, Chinese veterans will have the opportunity to hit the highest stage that belongs to them at their doorstep.

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