England’s Salisbury Digest rankings match 29th, draws the Wizard, Liang Wenbo scores the super runner-up

In the early morning of October 23, Beijing time, after 7 days of fierce competition, the 2017 Snooker England Open ended in Barnsley, England. In the first stage of the final, the number one star O’Sullivan scored a two-shot break and four-shot 50+, leading Karen Wilson 6-2. In the second stage, the Rockets went straight to three cities. In the last two games, he broke a hundred and swept Wilson with a total score of 9-2. He won the 29th ranking tournament in his career and led the championship of 70,000 pounds. The Rockets therefore broke the 20-month ranking championship drought, tied Higgins in one fell swoop, and tied with the Wizards for second place in history. Liang Wenbo earned a total of 45,500 pounds (approximately 400,000 yuan) in the competition with a 147 full score.

The English Open is the seventh ranked tournament of the season. Compared to the first six, this tournament has the strongest lineup. Not only 128 professional players are present, but three invitation card players also play, so that they have to be in the main match. Three playoffs before the playoffs. After fierce competition, O’Sullivan and Karen Wilson will join the finals.

In the semi-finals, O’Sali documented a two-shot 130+, 6-4 victory over McGill, one of the “91 Three Tigers”, showing that he was in good shape. Wilson, also a member of the “91 Three Tigers”, ended the dark horse journey of Switzerland’s only professional player Usenbach 6-3.

The two sides have only met once before. It was in the 2016 Northern Ireland Open. The Rockets were 0-3 behind and finished three shots to break the 100. The result was a 3-4 loss to Wilson, who was only two shots 60+. Meeting again after a year, Wilson finally tasted the power of the Rockets.

The finals will be conducted in two stages with a 17-round 9-win system. In the first eight games of the first stage, O’Sullivan had an overall advantage and gave the little English fellow the start of the game. Wilson, who won the 2015 Shanghai Masters Championship, was not to be outdone and evened the score with 74 points on a single stroke.

Wilson’s counterattack failed to disrupt O’Sullivan’s rhythm, and the Rockets continued to open their firepower, with 54 points and 131 points in a single stroke to rewrite the on-court score to 3-1. Wilson had just scored 109 points in a single shot and was punished by the Rockets with 77, 87 and 96 points. After the first eight rounds, O’Sullivan led by 6-2.

After a short break of more than three hours, the two sides started the second stage of the final. Karen Wilson shows no signs of improvement, but O’Sullivan feels even hotter. The Rockets scored 50 points in a single stroke and scored 69-32 in the ninth inning. With 127 points and 132 points in a single stroke, O’Sullivan swept Wilson with a 9-2 score and won the ranking for the 29th time in his career. Championship. At present, O’Sullivan and Higgins are tied for second place in the ranking championship, which is seven short of the 36-time record of the billiard emperor Hendry.

Chinese player Liang Wenbo completed his career with a full score of 147 in the second round. As no other player hits a full score, Liang Wenbo enjoys a 147 full score rolling prize of up to 40,000 pounds, and a £2,000 single The highest prize for the pole. In addition to the £3,500 that stopped the top 32, Liang Wenbo won a total of £45,500 (approximately RMB 400,000) in this competition, which has exceeded the £30,000 of the runner-up.

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