Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang Women’s Team, the last runner-up was upset and missed the top 8

On August 23, Beijing time, the 2012 CBSA Star Cup National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Shenyang stood on the ninth floor of the Shenyang Billiards Club and ended the second round of the women’s competition. In this round of competition, the defending champion Zhang Xiaotong continued to advance, while the last runner-up Wang Premier League lost to Wang Tianyi 5-7 and stopped in the round of 16.

The women’s team entered the second round and changed to a rushing round with 7 wins in 13 rounds. Defending champion Zhang Xiaotong has rebounded from yesterday. With her stable performance, she eventually defeated Zhou Haihang 7-3 and reached the quarterfinals. The last runner-up Wang Premier League did not perform well in the match against Wang Tianyi, and was repeatedly in a passive situation. In the end, he lost to his opponent 5-7 and missed the top 8. This was also the most surprising match of this round.

In the main table competition, the white pigeon who reached the top 8 last season suffered a strong impact from Jing Siya. The two took the lead alternately at the beginning of the game, but no one could widen the gap between the scores. The first 8 rounds were tied 4-4. At this time, the white pigeon gradually grasped the initiative of the game and won three points in a row. Although the pigeon won the competition in the end, the white pigeon still used “really bad” to describe his performance on the field today. It seems that the white pigeon’s goal in this competition is far more than just reaching the top 8.

The last match of this round was Cong Jing vs. Du Hui. Cong Jing started the game well and quickly gained a 4-1 lead. Du Hui then started a counterattack and chased the score to 5-6 at one time, but Cong Jing still won 7-5. As soon as the game was over, Cong Jing came to the practice bench to continue her practice. She was still not very satisfied with her performance today. She felt that her strength control was not very good. Hope Cong Jing can be even better in tomorrow’s game. status.

On August 24th, the women’s quarter-finals of this competition will start. The specific matches are as follows: Zhang Xiaotong vs. Zhao Lina, Liu Shuxia vs. Yu Hong, Baige vs. Li Dong, Cong Jing vs. Wang Tianyi.

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