Teacher Huo’s single season bonus is only 97000 pounds

China’s Beijing time on February 21, 2020 snooker billiards single limited time game will open the prelude. Ronnie O’Sullivan, the champion of the 5th World Championships, paid his service promise last year and signed up to participate in the competition which was regarded as “dispensable” by him in the past. In addition, he worked hard to guarantee the qualification of the corals open competition!

Single limited time is a kind of event with a single limited time of 10 minutes, and the randomness of the event is very large. For O’Sullivan, who is used to watching big scenes, that kind of event is not his favorite. Therefore, he has not signed up for this event for a long time. Last year, he had to prove the event as a commentator. At that time, she said it was a very, very competition, and it would compete 100% in 2020.

He has his word. He will enter for the competition in 2019. Although there is a guarantee for the qualification of athletes in the open competition, there is also a consideration for honoring the service commitment. At present, O’Sullivan Holds 36 ranking Championships, and the overall goal is to surpass Stephen Hendry in the 37 impact ranking Championships. In the new season, O’Sullivan has won the championship of Shanghai Masters in the open, but he has not won the ranking Championships.

Originally, as the champion of the 4th Welsh Open, O’Sullivan once again arrived at Cardiff. O’Sullivan expected to increase the total number of champions in the ranking competition to 37. In the first round of the Welsh Open, O’Sullivan swept 21-year-old player Zhang’s physical and mental health 4-0 in just one hour.

In the second round, O’Sullivan beat Stuart Carrington, who ranked 46th in the world, 4-2. This competition, Hamilton starts the first force, gave O’Sullivan a downfall. However, 5-6 in the finals was the strongest after 90 “lost brother” Karen Wilson reversal was eliminated.

After the Welsh Open, O’Sullivan’s single season global ranking has reached the 16th place with 97000 Euro reward, but such ranking can not guarantee that he can obtain 100% of the qualification of athletes in the open. Therefore, according to the service commitment of last year and the requirements of guaranteeing the qualification of athletes in the open competition, the application form of O’Sullivan is limited to the open competition.

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